Do the Grimaldis have to suffer forever because of an ancestral rape? If you take a look at their paths of love and suffering, this is to be feared.

Princess Charlène and Prince Albert have had hard times.

 Charl & egrave; ne and Albert are said to be suffering from the 700-year-old Monaco curse

In addition to their health problems, rumors of a marriage crisis persist.

 Charlène and Albert are said to suffer from the 700-year-old Monaco curse

Especially when Charlène did not live in the palace but in her two-room apartment after her return from South Africa. She is currently being treated at the Paracelsus Revocery luxury clinic in Zurich. The couple tries again and again to counteract speculation with such family photos. But could they also fall victim to the Monaco curse?

That's what

  • According to legend, the Monegasque royal family is cursed.

  • For this reason, the Grimaldis are said to have had no luck for over 700 years.

  • Prince Albert (63) and Princess Charlène also seem due Not to be spared the most recent circumstances.

  • The 43-year-old is currently being treated in a clinic for physical and psychological problems.

  • And rumors of a marriage crisis are rumored again and again. He even has two illegitimate children from Albert's wild days.

  • What the curse is all about and who seems to be affected by it, you can find out in the photo gallery.

Noble, distant and aloof – these are the Grimaldis. The royal family from Monaco has always been wrapped in a veil of mystery. It is precisely this fascination with the mysterious that makes the regent house of the tiny city-state on the French Mediterranean coast so popular.

Or maybe their story. The Monegasque royals suffered almost more tragic strokes of fate and unbroken suffering than many other European royal families. The latest headlines about Princess Charlène are also here.

The 43-year-old has been struggling with a bad ear, nose and throat infection for more than six months, had to endure several operations in South Africa and, according to rumors, went to the Paracelsus Recovery private clinic in Zurich because of psychological and physical problems about a week ago in treatment. In addition, the speculation about a marriage crisis with Prince Albert (63) does not stop. These difficulties are possibly due to a curse that dates back over 700 years.

The legend and the curse

1297 marked the beginning of the rise of the Grimaldis in Monaco. However, they weren't as fine as the noble family is today, they started their career as robber barons. Francesco Grimaldi from Genoa and his cousin Raniero Grimaldi succeeded in consolidating the mini-state thanks to a fraud – they disguised themselves as peaceful Franciscan monks to get past the guards. Raniero, also known as Rainer I., couldn't get enough and went on a rampage again.

The Grimaldi ancestor is said to have met a Flemin and raped her. This was not without consequences – for the entire royal family to this day. Because the girl bewitched the noblewoman and, according to legend, cursed him with the words “A Grimaldi should never find happiness in marriage”.

If you now take a look at the past and present partnerships of the Monegasque family Inevitably the question arises: Could the legend be reality after all? The failed marriages of the Grimaldis ( shown above in the photo series! ), which came to an abrupt end both through divorce and premature death, run like a red thread through history, starting with Charlotte von Monaco (1898-1977).

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Charl & egrave; ne and Albert are said to suffer from the 700-year-old Monaco curse

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