The moderator announced via Instagram that he suffered from a “terrifying illness” and has therefore been in the hospital for weeks. Celebrities are now with him.

An unusual sight: Riccardo Simonetti reported from the hospital on Tuesday without make-up, with puffy eyes and in a hospital gown.

Celebrities Riccardo Simonetti is with him during illness

The influencer has been suffering from health problems for weeks and therefore has to be treated regularly by doctors, as the 28-year-old announced in an emotional Instagram post has.

Celebrities stand Riccardo Simonetti during illness at

Numerous celebrities like the fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (56), …

That's what it's about

  • It's a shock for many fans: The other Moderator Riccardo Simonetti, who is set up in this way, is in the hospital.

  • The 28-year-old announced this on Instagram on Tuesday and said that he was struggling with serious health problems.

  • Numerous celebrities stand by him during this difficult time.

  • After all, the influencer seems to be doing a little better again – over he is allowed to go home to his family on the festive season.

The fans, his family and colleagues know Riccardo Simonetti (28) as a funny and open person. The Instagram post that the entertainer shared with his 326,000 followers on Tuesday is all the closer to them. “All I wish for Christmas is that I will be happy and healthy again,” he writes about a picture that shows him visibly exhausted with a mask in the hospital bed.

«Enjoy the time with your loved ones now»

There are countless well-being wishes from fans under the post. Numerous friends and acquaintances from the show scene will also be with him during this time: “I Love you! Get well soon, my darling! I think of you », writes the moderator Sylvie Meis (43). The actor Jochen Schropp (43) also agrees: “Oh man, Ricci. I wish that you will get well again very quickly. Are you depressed. Maybe not that tight! ”

The singer Conchita Wurst (33) writes: “Quick recovery, my dear.” The former GNTM candidate Mandy Bork (30) also sends benevolent words to Simonetti: “Love you and enjoy the time with your loved ones all the more.”

Riccardo on the standard__20hdY Way to recovery

Simonetti immediately explained the background to his hospital stay in his emotional post: “The truth is that I had to struggle with a few health problems that were not without and that made me spend most of the time at the doctor or in the hospital have. The whole thing was not only physically challenging, but also scary. ” He leaves open what exactly he is suffering from. At the same time, however, he made it clear that his hospital stay had nothing to do with the corona virus.

After all, Riccardo seems to be doing a little better now. He concludes: “That my treatment was successfully completed so shortly before Christmas and that I can spend the holidays with my family at home is my very own Christmas present and I can't tell you how grateful I am for it. »

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 Celebrities support Riccardo Simonetti during illness

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