There have been rumors of a breakup about the footballer and the presenter for months. So far, the couple has been absolutely silent about the headlines – now they take a position.

Cathy and Mats Hummels (33) have been married since 2015. Their son Ludwig was born only three years later.

Cathy Hummels speaks for the first time about her Relationship with Mats

There have been rumors of a possible separation of the 33-year-old presenter and the professional footballer for a year.

 Cathy Hummels speaks for the first time about her relationship with Mats

< p> So far, none of those involved have wanted to comment.

That's what

  • is aboutLast year, there were rumors that Cathy and Mats Hummels (33) were falling for love.

  • Neither the presenter nor the professional footballer wanted to comment on the headlines.

  • Now the 33-year-old breaks her silence on an RTL show and takes a position for the first time.

  • But her statement sounds good spongy. Only one thing is clear: They're fighting for their son Ludwig (3).

Last year there was speculation that Cathy and Mats Hummels (33) would get a divorce. The couple was seen less and less together – but to comment on the headlines, neither the presenter nor the professional footballer wanted to meet. In the past few weeks there have been more joint socia media appearances with his son Ludwig (3).

Now the 33-year-old commented on her relationship in an interview with RTL. In the TV show “A Celebrity, a Joker”, Cathy Hummels goes into cross-examination. The rules of the game: RTL presenter David Modjarad (49) asks ten quick questions. Cathy has to answer every question – except one. If she pulls the joker, that means «No comment».

They are obviously fighting for their son

The saving card shows Cathy when she is asked what's in her bedside drawer. When asked whether she kept something “largely erotic” in it, the 33-year-old gave no answer. But she made it clear that her son slept in bed with her every night. So far, so harmless, after all, Mats and Cathy have a long-distance relationship for professional reasons – he plays for BVB in Dortmund, she lives in Munich.

How she currently deals with relationship issues, however, she knows exactly: “Relaxed!” For years people have wanted to know from her: “How is it? How are you? Long-distance relationship?” The influencer has a very clear answer to this: “We will always be and remain one family. No matter how.” This comment cannot be interpreted as a clear confirmation of the relationship, but that the parents pull themselves together for their child is out of the question.

The turbulent love of the dream couple

< p> 14 years ago Mats and Cathy met and fell in love in Munich. In 2015 I finally took the step in front of the altar. Only three years later their love was crowned by the birth of their son Ludwig. Everything went well and for a long time the two were considered the dream couple in the German football world. But since last year, the relationship status of the BVB defender and the moderator has been causing speculation again and again. In the meantime, Mats is said to have turtled with the table tennis player Lisa Straube.

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