The son of Mats and Cathy Hummels celebrated his fourth birthday on Tuesday. The presenter spoke up on Instagram with a heartwarming message.

Ludwig Hummels is celebrating his fourth birthday. On his special day, mom Cathy shared several family snaps on Instagram.

 Cathy Hummel's son Ludwig has to do without mom on his birthday

Like this photo with her husband Mats Hummel (33). It was probably made on the day Ludwig was born and shows the proud parents laughing in a hospital.

 Cathy Hummel's son Ludwig has to do without mom on his birthday

In the third picture, Kathy cuddles her son in the back seat of a car …


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    Ludwig, the son of presenter Cathy (33) and professional footballer Mats Hummels (33), turned four on Tuesday.

  • The proud mom posted numerous family snapshots and a loving message to her son on Instagram.

  • In addition to a homemade cake, Ludwig will receive two birthday parties this year.

  • The motto: Paw Patrol.

Happy Birthday Ludwig! On Tuesday, the son of Mats (33) and Cathy Hummels (33) celebrated his fourth birthday. To celebrate the day, the presenter not only shared loving words, but also funny details about the birth and photos of her son's birthday party on Instagram.

«Happy Birthday my one and only», the proud mom wrote under her latest post – and also revealed a funny detail about Ludwig's birth: The four-year-old was born at 9:09 am exactly. “Maybe an omen that he will be a BVB fan like his dad?” Jokes the wife of professional footballer Mats Hummels, who has been playing football for Borussia Dortmund alias BVB 09 since 2019.

Sweet message to her son

Cathy also posted four photos of her small family from the past few years. The first shows the presenter and Mats in the hospital, apparently on the day of the birth. The other recordings are snapshots of mother and son: “You are a strong, very tall, very intelligent, loving, honest, considerate boy with great assertiveness,” wrote the 33-year-old.

She also praises her Ludwig: “You are already so independent, ambitious and would like to do everything on your own. But you always need me when you want to relax. Then I'll hold your hand, cuddle you, love you and you're happy. »

Two birthday parties at once

For professional reasons, Cathy is currently abroad and can therefore not spend the whole birthday with her son. After all: “We already talked about Facetime today and ate a piece of cake,” says the 33-year-old on Instagram. Plus: “Ludwig can celebrate two birthdays this year.”

After the first party, the birthday child can pick up his mother from the airport and receive his “treasure” there: the star offspring has met Cathy wanted a pirate box with chocolate gold, shells and sand, as the 33-year-old reveals.

A homemade birthday cake should of course not be missing. The motto of the parties is: Paw Patrol. Ludwig wanted that with all his heart. And this wish has now come true, as Cathy finally writes: “Two big Paw Patrol parties have never harmed anyone!”

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