Catherine Fournier will publish this autumn a book on sovereignty

There is no question that she is seeking to return to the Parti Québécois (PQ) caucus, but independent MP Catherine Fournier says she is more sovereignist than ever and will demonstrate it in a book to be released this fall.
Those who expect to find a settlement with his former political party will be disappointed, promises the young MP in an interview with The Canadian Press on Tuesday.

Ms. Fournier, who was elected to Marie-Victorin under the banner of the PQ in 2016 and 2018, slammed the door of the party last March, convinced that he was not going anywhere and would never drive Quebec to Canada. its sovereignty.

Recently, rumors suggested that she could return to René Lévesque’s party. “It’s not the case at all. I’m really not there and I will not be there either, “says the one who intends, in the same spirit, to stay away from the upcoming PQ leadership race in the coming months.

This will be his second book, the first, The Dare to Act , having been published in 2017.

His second, whose title is not yet found, will recount the conclusions of the reflection undertaken since his resignation from the PQ on the future of the sovereignist movement.

She still does not advocate the creation of another party to embody her ideas. “I do not think we are here,” says the one who intends to contribute to the debate on the status of Quebec.

His book will contain an “action plan” for sovereignty.

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