Cataracts: too much lace

Cataractes: trop de dentelle

Shawinigan — When a young team plays its survival, there are sacrifices to be made. Than letting the lace to the locker room, for example, and to simplify as much as possible its actions.

This directive, the Cataracts have not followed a Friday night. As a result, the Islanders of Charlottetown, signed a 3-1 victory, after having controlled the action from the beginning to the end.

These Islanders pass under the radar and yet, they are installed at the seventh place in general classification. Cataracts have found out why Friday. The visitors give nothing for free. They win their fights one on one, they clean up the enclave. And they avoid the turnovers, unlike the Cataracts that have tried a lot of games to be risky. As Jan Drozg, for example, which is taken to Alexander Barkov and that is past the stick between the legs in a breakaway to try to score the goal of the year…

Opportunities of the kind, the Cataracts have made a few over the course of the evening, even if they were limited to 14 shots on goal, including three in the third. Matthew Welsh was able to extinguish these fires. At the other end of the rink, Justin Blanchette has maneuvered to keep his club in the game. But when you’re being bombarded with 39 shots, you need more of a purpose to your teammates to help you out…

“What is the most disappointing of this game, it is our reaction in the third. When you lose by a goal in a situation like this, the setpoint is to put pucks at the net and hope it lands in, no matter how. Instead of doing that, you just put three pucks in the net. Once again, it was in the match until the end, our keeper was on the bench and we tried to create equality. But it should also be obvious that we won’t win games with 14 shots”, sighed Daniel Renaud, who would have liked to see his numerical advantage to him to provide a goal when the team was running after the Islanders in the second portion of the game. “Not only is this goal did not come, but it has not generated a lot of things in digital advantage.”

The sole purpose of Cataracts has been produced by the power play in the first. A net lucky, since Mavrik Bourque was attempting a pass cross which was deflected into the enclave before to surprise Welsh. It was the 20th goal of the season, a nice plateau for the rookie 16 years of age. In comparison, Anthony Beauvillier had threaded nine at the same age. Despite the fact that firearms, Bourque was an athlete a little angry after the match. “We would have had to play better. We wanted to be too cute. All goals have the same value. You’re not always obliged to pass on the news when you mark!”

In the other locker room, Jim Hulton made precisely credit to his troop for his game tight. “We wanted to play a game structured, we are preparing for the series. This was a good exit for us.”

The Cataracts, who saw their losing streak stretch to eight, now have an appointment with the Océanic in Rimouski on Sunday.

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