On Friday morning at the Flurhof kindergarten in Wil SG, a cat was hit and left seriously injured on the street. Cat owner Manuela Chaabani is outraged and will file charges against strangers.

Last Friday morning, the cat Balou was allegedly hit by a car in Wil SG and left on the street.

cat approached at kindergarten and left behind

The accident occurred near the Flurhof kindergarten.

 Cat approached at kindergarten and left behind

The cat suffered a serious injury to his thigh.

That's what it's all about

  • In Wil SG, the tomcat Balou was allegedly run over last Friday morning and was left seriously injured.

  • It is still uncertain whether the cat will be completely healthy again.

  • Cat owner Manuela Chaabani is outraged and will file charges against strangers.

  • Facebook users share Chaabani's view and are indignant.

The tomcat Balou was hit by the Flurhof kindergarten in Wil SG last Friday morning and left there. Then he ran back to the nearby home, where cat owner Manuela Chaabani experienced a tremendous shock. «At first I didn't notice anything. But then he hissed at me when I stroked it and no longer responded to treats. That's when I knew something was wrong, ”says Chaabani. On the recommendation of a colleague, she raised the cat, whereupon it tipped over to the right. “Then I called the vet immediately,” Chaabani continues.

Serious injury to the thigh

There it turned out: Balou had worn claws and an approximately twelve centimeter long scratch on the thigh. “The vet said that it could almost only have been a car,” says Chaabani. The Wilerin is outraged by the behavior of the allegedly responsible person. “It is benign to hit a cat and then just run away,” says Chaabani.

Balou is still struggling with his injuries. His current behavior is cause for concern, says Chaabani. “He sleeps more than usual and he no longer has the urge to go outside,” she says. Balou had already received antibiotics at the first visit to the doctor, a second appointment for an X-ray is still pending, as a break is also conceivable. It is not yet possible to say whether the cat will be completely healthy again.

Criminal offense

Anyone in Switzerland who simply leaves an animal that has been run into is liable to prosecution. «In the event of collisions with animals, road users are generally obliged to inform the owner. If this or this is unknown, the accident must be reported to the police », says Pascal Häderli, media spokesman for the St. Gallen cantonal police, on request from 20 minutes. «If a pet is injured in an accident, this is considered property damage. In this case, the owner can claim compensation, ”continues Häderli. Accordingly, Manuela Chaabani claims to be reporting against strangers.

Indignation and compassion on social media

The Wilerin shared the incident in a Facebook group. There you share her indignation: “I don't understand how you can just keep going,” writes one user. Many users show sympathy, inquire about Balou's condition and wish him a speedy recovery. «I wish Balou all the best and a mega guilty conscience to whoever hit him», someone writes.

You know about an animal in need?

< p> You can find help here:

Fire brigade, Tel. 118 (animal rescue)

Police, Tel. 117 (for wild animals)

Animal rescue service, Tel. 044 211 22 22 (in emergencies)

Swiss animal registration center, if an animal has run away/run in

Foundation for the animal in law, for legal questions

GTRD, Large animal rescue service, Tel. 079 700 70 70 (emergency call)

Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach, for questions about wild birds, Tel. 041 462 97 00

Cruelty to animals:

Report to the cantonal veterinary office or to the Swiss animal welfare office (anonymously possible)

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