Carman-Kean II in danger?

Three-Rivers — Forget the scenario of a contrast between Simon Kean and Dillon Carman casting in the concrete for the 15 June in Shawinigan. If Roger Lavergne and Camille Estephan were prepared to orchestrate the second meeting between the two heavyweights despite the stinging defeat of the Ontario in Russia last weekend, they wanted to renegotiate the agreement in order to counteract the possible effects of this collapse on the sales at the counters.

However, the clan Carman was denied his word in the last hours to revise downward its stamp, which jeopardizes his participation in the gala at the Centre Gervais Auto. “In the agreement, it was agreed that Carman could fight in Russia. But it was clear that if the defeat was without appeal, it would be necessary to review the terms and conditions of the other hand. Everyone was in agreement around the table. But here, the position of the clan Carman has changed. Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that in business,” says Lavergne, furious.

The president of the Cataracts wants to be clear. If Kean wins his return fight in two weeks in Montreal, the gala of the 15 June will be presented as planned. But Carman does not make the costs of the final, at least come back on Earth.

“Carman sells very expensive services. Much more expensive than the first fight. Even if it decreases his purse, he will be very well paid. If it doesn’t suit him, we will simply move on to another call. We have the budget to bring a boxer very well rated, to ensure that the fans will again be delighted to come and spend the evening with us. We have a few names, they begin to make calls immediately. If Carman didn’t wake up quickly, it’s going to pass under the nose,” says Lavergne, who is said to have the support of Estephan.

“We are in the same place. As usual. In boxing, these are things that happen sometimes. We are going to work for Simon (Kean) and our fans are not disappointed. The only one who can lose here, it’s Carman”, he insists.

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