Captured at high speed in the middle of a storm

Capté à haute vitesse en pleine tempête

A hit does not appear to have understood the message to adapt his driving to the road conditions.

On late Monday afternoon, when strong winds and blowing snow made driving conditions difficult, a police officer from the Sûreté du Québec, the position of the MRC of Acton, has picked up a motorist who was travelling at a brisk pace, on route 139, Saint-Theodore-d Acton.

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“The offender, a resident of Drummondville, aged in his thirties, was captured while he was travelling at over 125 km/h in the area of 90, on an icy road,” says Aurélie Guindon, a spokesman for the SQ.

“Afterwards, while the police officer followed him in order to intercept, the driver has performed an exceeding dangerous to a semi-trailer truck where the overruns are not allowed. The policeman has still been able to intercept the driver a little further.”

While he was in the process of questioning the driver, a message came on the radio about a hit and run that had just taken place a few miles away, ” says Guindon.

“The police officer was able to determine that the description of the vehicle fugitive corresponded in every point to the one he had just intercept. Always when he was in a discussion with the driver, the other motorist involved in the hit-and-run arrived on the scene,” she said.

“And then shortly after, another citizen is arrested on the spot to inform the police officer that he had witnessed the reckless driving of the motorist who had just been intercepted. These two people have also expressed their appreciation for the police officer to have been a good place at the right time, in order to put an end to the dangerous driving of the offender.

The at-fault driver will be issued multiple statements of offence under the highway safety Code or to have committed a dangerous action (1541$ / 4 demerit points), to have committed an offence of leakage (1041$ / 9 demerit points), driving over the speed limit (268$ / 3 demerit points), not having adapted his driving according to weather and road conditions (108$ / 2 demerit points) and having committed an overflow to a place where we cannot see the vehicles coming in the opposite direction ( 313$ / 3 demerit points).

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