«Who will be a millionaire?» – candidate Tobias Hansch dreamed of the big prize – but the unlucky man finally had to go home without a single cent.

It started well: “Who will be a millionaire?” – Candidate Tobias Hansch was allowed to sit across from moderator Günther Jauch on December 27, 2021.

 Candidate fails on 100 euro question - did you know the answer?

Hansch answered the first question correctly. The 50 euros were safe.

 Candidate fails on 100 euro question - did you know the answer?

But he failed on the second question.

That's what

  • “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” one candidate failed with the second question.

  • Seriously disappointed, Tobias Hansch went home after a few minutes without a win.

  • On social media, some users are angry about the role of moderator Günther Jauch.

He had hardly taken a seat on Günther Jauch's question chair when “Who will be a millionaire?” Candidate Tobias Hansch had to leave again. The man from the village of Bünde, around 30 kilometers north of Bielefeld, failed on the second question – and went home without a profit.

Everything had started well: The question “With New Year's Eve does the calendar year end on …?” the 37-year-old was able to answer correctly immediately. In just 4.22 seconds, Hansch typed the correct order for the New Year's Eve date of December 31st. and Jauch was allowed to sit on the council chair opposite.

Then came the first question for 50 euros, which Hansch also answered with flying colors: “In order to elicit notes from the recorder, you have to go through the instrument …?” Of the four options, the candidate correctly chose «blow air».

Candidate ignored two hidden hints

But when he asked the 100 euro question, he failed: “Who do you meet in the north German region of Dithmarschen, at least literally?” The answers were: “A: bastard, B: ass, C: pig dog or D: wanker”. The fact that all four nouns were written in lower case and that the word “literally” appeared in the question did not give the electrical engineer the idea of ​​saying “ass”. Hansch said with a smile: “I would say that you will definitely see a lot of pigs and dogs. That's why I would say answer C. ” A fatal mistake.

When Jauch gave the candidate the correct answer, the father of five from a blended family ran his hands over his head. “That was quick,” said the moderator. Then he tried to comfort Hansch a little: «There are worse fates in the world. Don't worry. »

The Twitter community reacted quite angrily, however. “Usually Jauch makes a wink with the fence post if the answer to the first questions is wrong,” tweeted a user.

“But Günther let him run cold,” criticized another of the moderator's role.

Two users even accuse Jauch of sexism. Had Hansch been a woman, he would have helped him a little. “Bad luck for the candidate that he was not a woman …” writes one. «I had the same impression, it was noticeable. With women it becomes clearer and says that they should take a joker, »says the other.

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