Germany has classified Switzerland as a high-risk area. In addition, Baden-Württemberg will tighten the corona measures from Saturday. You need to know that when you cross the border now.

Shopping in Germany is still possible.

May I still be in Go on a shopping tour in Germany?

Anyone entering the Federal Republic of Germany from a high-risk area for up to 24 hours does not have to go into quarantine.

may I still go shopping in Germany Go on a tour?

However, 2G still applies to retail in Baden-Württemberg.

That's what it's all about

  • Germany has declared Switzerland a high-risk area.

  • In addition, Baden-Württemberg is tightening the measures from Saturday.

  • Shopping is still possible to a limited extent.

  • But Christmas markets cannot be visited.

From Sunday, Switzerland will be considered a high-risk area. The German government decided on Friday. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated or has not recovered has to be quarantined for ten days. Can I still go shopping in Germany or visit friends? The most important questions and answers:

Can I still go shopping in Germany?

Yes. Anyone who enters the Federal Republic of Germany from a high-risk area for up to 24 hours does not have to go into quarantine, as stated on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Which rules apply in the shops?

In Baden-Württemberg, 2G still applies in retail. This means that only those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated are allowed access. Basic service transactions are excluded. These include supermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores as well as bakeries, pet supplies and garden markets, petrol stations and weekly markets. So all customers come into shopping centers. However, only basic service shops without 2G may be entered there. At least one medical mask must be worn in all German shops – cloth masks are not allowed.

And in the restaurant?

From Saturday, December 4th, the 2G-plus rule will apply in restaurants and bars in Baden-Württemberg. Vaccinated and convalescent people also have to show a negative corona test when they go to a restaurant.

But can I still go to the Christmas market?

No. All remaining Christmas markets in Baden-Württemberg have to close from Saturday. The clubs and discos in the country also have to close again. In addition, the sale and consumption of alcohol in public areas is prohibited.

May I visit relatives and friends?

Anyone who wants to visit first-degree relatives, a spouse or partner or children with shared custody or access rights can do so without quarantine. However, you have to stay in Germany for less than 72 hours. You can meet friends within the 24-hour rules. If the friends are not vaccinated, you can only visit them alone.

What happens to the vacation I have booked in Germany?

With the classification as a high-risk area A travel warning from the Foreign Office in Berlin for unnecessary tourist trips is automatically connected. It makes it easier for tourists to cancel trips that have already been booked free of charge, but it does not mean a travel ban.

Can I celebrate the New Year in Germany?

No. On New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve there is a ban on gathering and gathering in Baden-Württemberg. Municipalities must also determine public places where fireworks will be banned. The sale of pyrotechnics is prohibited in the run-up to New Year's Eve.

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