Publisher Activision has had enough and is suing one of the largest cheat providers. Your shooter game “Call of Duty” is inundated with gamers who use illegal auxiliary programs.

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is overrun by cheaters.

That's what

  • There is a lot of cheating in the game “Call of Duty: Warzone”.

  • Many players use illegal auxiliary programs.

  • In the shooter game, these enable aiming assistance or a view through walls .

  • Publisher Activision has now had enough and is suing the largest cheat provider.

What doping was in cycling in the 90s is now the cheat in e-sports: it falsifies the sport. In esports it is definitely easier to cheat, a quick click on the download button and the cheat is on the hard drive. This is how you quickly become a bogus professional: Thanks to Aim-Bot and Wallhack, you can see through walls and meet every opponent. “Call of Duty: Warzone” is one of the games that has to deal with a flood of cheaters. That's why the publisher Activision is now suing the cheater company.

There are real cheat factories on the internet that offer their best deception software for money and thus make big business. This is also how cheating is carried out in official esports tournaments, which is why the software must not be discovered, which of course makes it more expensive. There are even pro gamers who have cheated for several months and have not been discovered for using such good software. This is a thorn in the side of Activision.

Not the first lawsuit

After Activision has already taken legal action against a large cheater website, the “Engine Owning” page is now supposed to go to the collar. The homepage offers cheats for countless games such as “Halo”, “CoD” and “Battlefield”. It is questionable whether the prosecution will really bring anything. So you first have to expose the people behind this site and even if the site is taken offline, such sites quickly reappear on the internet under a different name. Perhaps Activision would like to instill fear in users and cheat developers with the indictment and to draw their attention to the legal consequences.

The money that Activision uses for the legal department could also be invested in the anti-cheat program of “CoD: Warzone”. Because it is precisely because the software works so incorrectly that there are so many cheat options. The fact is: It will probably never work without cheats. Even games like the online shooter “Valorant” by “LoL” developer Riot has to fight fraudsters – and this game uses one of the best anti-cheat programs on the market.

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