A shock for the presenter and her family: Burglars enter their villa near Düsseldorf on Christmas Eve and steal jewelry, cash and designer bags.

While Verona Pooth (53) with her husband Franjo (52) and their two sons San Diego (18) and Rocco (10 ) celebrated Christmas Eve at her parents-in-law, thieves broke into her villa.

 Burglars vacate the villa of Verona Pooth empty on Christmas Eve

They stole things worth several hundred thousand euros from the house near Dortmund – Pooth's Trinity ring from Cartier is also gone.

 Burglars clear the villa from Verona Pooth empty on christmas eve

«They were professionals», Verona is certain. The thieves would only have taken the 15 to 20 most expensive models in their Hermès bag collection with them.

That's what

  • is aboutWhile Verona Pooth spent Christmas Eve with her family with her in-laws, thieves cleared her villa.

  • The 53-year-old presenter is shocked. “I don't know how long it will be before I feel safe here again,” she says.

  • The burglars stole several hundred thousand euros worth of loot.

  • Including your car, jewelry, designer bags and other valuables.

  • The family is happy that nothing has happened to anyone.

“I feel defenseless like a turtle whose shell has been taken away,” says Verona Pooth opposite the “Bild ». The reason for this: on Christmas Eve, thieves gained access to their villa, outwitted the alarm system and stole several hundred thousand euros in loot. “All of my Cartier wedding jewelry is gone,” reports the 53-year-old. Heirlooms were also stolen.

The presenter celebrated Christmas Eve with her husband Franjo (52) and their two sons San Diego (18) and Rocco (10) at their in-laws. When the family got home around 11 p.m. on Friday evening, there were broken pieces in front of the house and their small car was no longer in its parking lot. “Franjo immediately stormed into the house,” says Verona Pooth. “Roccolito” ran after his papa – but the thieves had already left. «I was so shocked that I just shivered and couldn't even dial 110.»

Safe torn from the wall

The burglars wreaked havoc. “They were in every room, worst of all, even in the children's rooms. You tore out the drawers and rummaged through everything, ”said the presenter. They even ripped a firmly anchored safe out of the wall, dragged it across the house, and then hauled it away in Pooth's car. Her house has now been desecrated, she says. “I don't know how long it will be before I feel safe here again.” In the meantime, the Pooths have already upgraded with the safety precautions.

The day before, intruders had already struck at the neighbors' house, a family friend. When she came home from ice skating with Pooth's son Rocco, he was still face to face with the burglars – but the thieves simply ran away. Both families assumed that it was the same gang of burglars.

The Neuss police confirmed both break-ins. However, it is not yet clear whether the two acts are the same burglars – further investigations should show that, it was said on Saturday evening.

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