The dispute over the Määs on the Inseli in Lucerne is entering the next round and the pressure on the city government is increasing. On Wednesday morning, the Mitte party, together with the SVP and FDP, submitted their online petition to the Lucerne city government to save the traditional autumn fair. Is there a reversal now?

The Lucerne Määs Ferris wheel the Europaplatz in front of the KKL. A sight that will soon be history.

Bü Angry parties get serious in the dispute about the «green island» and the mice

By the time the through station is built at the latest, the Ferris wheel will also have to find a new place.

Bü Angry parties are getting serious in the dispute over the

The city council had announced that the Määs in their current form will no longer take place in the Inseli from 2027 can.

That's the point

  • The Lucerne Määs should lose its location on the Inseli.

  • The bourgeois parties of the City via petition.

  • They demand an about-face from the city government and a guarantee that the Määs stays.

“In 2017, the Lucerne City Council assured the electorate that the acceptance of the Inseli initiative would not jeopardize the location of the Määs,” write the initiators in the text of the petition. The city council has now completed a miraculous change of opinion, which massively undermines the legitimacy of the referendum that ended up being extremely close, according to the Mitte party.

In fact, the city council had promised before the vote and afterwards that the Inseli conversion would not affect the Määs and that they could keep their place. However, the city government only realized that this was not possible when a feasibility study by the building department relentlessly demonstrated the incompatibility of the two concerns. But the study itself also lists ways in which the site could be maintained. However, at the expense of the extent to which the Inseli can be greened.

Little room for a new island

“The scope for redesigning the Inselis is very limited,” says building director Manuela Jost on request. The decision was not easy, but for the construction director, the 'green island' option best corresponds to the will of the people. “If we had opted for the other option, it would have become clear during the competition at the latest that little would change at Inseli.”
For the bourgeois parties, that is little consolation. They are particularly upset about the false promises made before the vote. In fact, on September 24, 2017, an extremely tight 51.61 percent of voters said yes to the controversial Juso bill.

«It is inconceivable that the Määs goes beyond the city limits»

As soon as the city's decision became known, an angry Dieter Haller, President of the SVP City of Lucerne, told us: «The population was lied to in the dark.» Changing the Määs would be out of the question. “It's also unimaginable to go beyond the city limits with the Määs.”

With almost 3,500 signatures and the petition in their pockets, the bourgeois parties think they have the Lucerne population behind them and are pushing for one U-turn in the Määs decision. It is more than questionable whether this will actually happen. Finally, there are other stumbling blocks, such as the forthcoming construction of the through station, which means that Määs will have to move sooner or later anyway. However, nothing is completely unthinkable anymore. The pressure on the city council, it's increasing.

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