After Bob Saget's death, the comedian's wife shared her thoughts of grief in a statement. Now a friend describes how much the love for Kelly Rizzo Saget meant.

Kelly Rizzo announced in a statement earlier this week that she was “completely shaken and stunned” about the death of her husband Bob Saget.

 & laquo; Bob was happy and kept talking about his wife Kelly & raquo;

The actor and comedian died unexpectedly over the weekend in a hotel room in Florida. Saget was 65 years old.

 & laquo; Bob was happy and talked constantly about his wife Kelly & raquo;

The “Full House” star was married to Rizzo since 2018. The widow now wants to withdraw from the public eye to come to terms with her grief.

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  • Bob Saget died on Sunday night at the age of 65.

  • Kelly Rizzo, the wife of the late comedian, speaks in a statement about her grief.

  • In addition, a long-time friend remembers in an interview with the US magazine «People» to Bob Saget.

  • The cause of death of the “Full House” star remains the subject of the investigation.

The shock of the death of actor and comedian Bob Saget runs deep among fans, friends and relatives. Since the US star passed away unexpectedly last weekend at the age of 65, people close to Saget have been publicly speaking and sharing their thoughts of grief. Most recently, earlier this week, Saget's wife Kelly Rizzo made a statement in which she wrote, among other things: “Bob was my absolute one and only.”

The journalist and blogger wants to withdraw and take the time to come to terms with the death of her husband. “When the time comes and the news isn't fresh, I look forward to sharing more of Bob with the world. About how much he meant to me », said Rizzo in her statement, which is available to the US magazine« People ». She was “deeply touched” by the great public sympathy, writes the American.

In response to Rizzo's statement, Bob Saget's tour partner Mike Young described in an interview how deeply the love between the late comedy was -Star and his wife was. «They were perfect for each other. They were hilarious together and Kelly was the perfect person to deal with Bob, “Young told People.

They actually wanted to go on vacation

Mike Young accompanied Bob Saget on his stand-up tours for twelve years, and the two were close friends. “Bob was very happy in his relationship and kept talking about his wife,” recalls Young. According to him, Rizzo and Saget had planned to go on vacation together soon.

“It will now be a difficult, long time that will be very painful. Because she knows that she now has to share Bob with the world, but he actually only belonged to her and only had eyes for her », says Young about Rizzo's current situation. The “Full House” star loved his wife, with whom he had been married since October 2018, “more than anything”.

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«Shaken and stunned»

Bob Saget did not spend a minute longer apart from his wife than necessary at stand-up shows. “He always took the first flight home to get to Kelly as soon as possible. He really appreciated the time, ”says Mike Young. “Bob knew the value of time. He didn't waste a second. “

According to her statement, Kelly Rizzo is” completely shaken and stunned “by the surprising death of her husband. With a request for privacy, she has now withdrawn from the public for the time being. The cause of death of Bob Saget is currently still the subject of an ongoing investigation. The comedian died on Sunday night in a Florida hotel after performing a stand-up appearance the night before. The responsible police authority already rules out drug abuse and crimes.

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