Bitfarms knew it would generate noise, says Marc Denault

A dozen citizens expressed their fed up of the noise produced by Bitfarms, Monday at the city council. If they are preparing a petition to stop the noise and vibrations emanating from the factory on rue de la Pointe, near Parc Lucien-Blanchard, they learned from Councilor Marc Denault that the company had warned the City of the noise it generated before even setting up shop there.
The e adviser Denault also announced that the Auditor General, Andree Cossette, had agreed to look into the mechanism that led to the establishment of Bitfarms on this ground located near Magog River.

From the outset, the citizens indicated that it is recognized by the citizens, the business and the City as much as it is a nuisance by noise. “Yes we want the noise to stop. We are here and we will not give up. We had a quality of life and this business has undone everything. There are humans, but there are also impacts on flora and fauna. There are several species of birds that we no longer see, ”reports citizen Noémi Roy.

“We cannot be reassured because we have no assurance that the means put in place to reduce noise will work. What is worrisome is that the company has told us that other industries are also making noise. This is why we are asking the Minister of the Environment to get involved in the matter. More than 28 complaints have been lodged there because we believe they are the best equipped to resolve the matter. We call on everyone who feels it to give us their support. We have a petition that we are mounting for help. ”

Charles Miquelon wants the Lucien-Blanchard park users who see beach degradation to also take action.

Noémi Roy also talks about the heat rejected by Bitfarms. “If a company spilled oil into the river, it would be a scandal. Here […] there is a heat and noise spill and we let them do it. ”

Marcel Cyr says he measured the heat from the installations on rue de la Pointe by hanging a thermometer at the fence of the building. He claims that the temperature dropped from -14 to 2 degrees Celsius in a few minutes. “I noticed on the south side of the Société de transport de Sherbrooke that there was no snow over a length of 200 feet because the ground was dried by the fans. ”

Annette Raby Larouche says for her part living hell for four months.

All fear that the noise will be even more intolerable next summer, when they will have to open the windows to cool off.

“They have solutions, but we don’t really know what they will give. A first wall has been put in, but that doesn’t really improve things. The noise is distributed elsewhere. If Bitfarms is a good corporate citizen, why didn’t Bitfarms put in place all of these mitigation measures before opening? If she knew she was making noise, it should have been done before the opening, not after, ”asks Noémi Roy.

Councilor of the Golf district, Marc Denault confirms that Bitfarms would have clearly mentioned, during its establishment, that his business could create noise.

“If we look at the experience they lived elsewhere, we should have made sure on our side not to cause this kind of nuisance. From there came my questioning of asking the Auditor General to verify the process that led to the sale of this land to Bitfarms. ”

Mr. Denault cannot confirm whether the sale of the land was ratified directly by the municipal council, which would in a way make all elected officials accountable for the decision. “We still have a lot of files that go to the council. We are not experts in all fields of competence. The best person to determine where there has been a shortfall is the Auditor General. She also confirmed to me that she is working on it. It was not a witch hunt that I wanted to go. The population has been experiencing the impacts for more than six months. If we had identified it before, we could have avoided that. ”

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at the City of Sherbrooke, with Bitfarms, to establish guidelines for the work to be done around the company.

Finally, Councilor Paul Gingues wants to prevent the mitigation measures from simply transferring the problem. “I would like to file a notice of motion for a zoning change in this sector to avoid any other establishment. “

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