Betty White would have turned 100 on January 17th. Now the last of the four «Golden Girls» has died with her.

Betty White is at the age of 99 Years ago.

 Betty White (99) dies a few days before her 100th birthday

Betty White on” The Betty White Show “in 1954.

< p>Betty White (99) dies a few days before her 100th birthday

Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens on” The Mary Tyler Moore Show “.

The American icon Betty White died a few weeks before her milestone birthday in her house, at the age of 99, according to “TMZ”. TMZ cites a law enforcement source for this statement. The US magazines “People” and “Deadline” have also confirmed White's death, citing manager Jeff Witjas, writes the DPA agency.

The actress was featured in the TV series for her role as Rose Nylund “Golden Girls” known. According to “TMZ”, White died “of natural causes”. You did not fight against a certain disease – not even against Corona. According to the portal, she has hardly left her house since the beginning of the pandemic.

A big party was planned for the 100th birthday

“Golden Girls” revolved around four older women in a shared apartment. White played the widow Rose Nylund in it. All of her colleagues from back then died before her: serial mother “Sophia” (Estelle Getty) in 2008, “Dorothy” (Beatrice Arthur) in 2009 and “Blanche” (Rue McClanahan) in 2010.

For her 100th birthday on January 17th, White was to receive a TV special as a gift. According to US media, stars like Ryan Reynolds, Robert Redford and Jennifer Love Hewitt would have appeared in “Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration”. «Everyone likes a party – and this one is going to be great», White told the news channel CNN.

Long career comes to an abrupt end

White, born in 1922 in the US state of Illinois, began her career before the “Golden Girls”, which ran in the USA from 1985 and in Germany from 1990. After high school, White got her first roles on television and theater in the 1930s and 1940s, and later appeared primarily on talk shows and game shows. Even after the “Golden Girls” she got roles in TV and cinema.

White, who was married three times without children, also worked as a producer and received dozens of awards, including numerous Emmys. She was “blessed with good health,” she told People magazine on the occasion of her 99th birthday. Also important: «A sense of humor. Seeing the positive side and not thinking too much about the negative side, that takes too much energy away. »

White always remained humble

The actress with the The white-haired grandma look and the quick-witted humor showed up to the end fit, happy, curious – and modest.

“I don't like going out for a fancy meal,” she once told the magazine “Parade”. «I like simple things, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, no spices or sauces. I don't particularly like sweet things, except for chocolate bars and my girlfriend's lemon meringue cake. ” White never stopped work, although she hardly ever watched television herself – “I'm too busy.”

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