Being an MP in 2020: for a more humanist and collegial assembly!

Why write about the role of MP? When my fellow citizens call me to comment on news or tell me what they think of me, us and politics in general, it is very often to tell me how much they appreciate their commitment, and that of several colleagues, in transpartisan actions, especially related to sexual or marital violence, mental health and the protection of young people.
These citizens are happy to see that MPs are concerned about these issues and work together to achieve the common good. These comments are so frequent that they force us to think about them more deeply. People like to see different political parties come together, and give the image of a Quebec that can get along beyond a partisan sometimes stupid and petty.

That’s good, because that’s how I want to do politics. Is it utopian, too idealistic, even unproductive? Certainly not! By talking, we get to get along, create projects, find solutions for social, legal or humanitarian problems. When I think of the issues raised by all the violence against women, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, or from ethnic or sexual diversity, it seems essential to me to work together and have the political will to find solutions. The more cross-party initiatives emerge and bear fruit, the more citizens are satisfied and ask for more.

I believe it. I want to do politics differently. We have no more time to lose, because we must act quickly to reduce all forms of violence and social inequality. Young people are depressed and worried, and many adults cry out for help. So what do we do?

In this era of “clearance”, wickedness in social networks, brutal and misogynist attacks, let us dare a different political savoir-faire, made of collaboration. The majority of elected officials ask only that, and even more the citizens.

For the decade that begins in 2020, I wish us a more humane, fairer political living together, which repairs the many social divides instead of deepening them, and this, in a generous and benevolent Quebec environment, open to all. and all.

We can do it! It’s up to us to prove it! Happy new year 2020 to all elected officials!

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