Shortly before Christmas, entertainer Riccardo Simonetti had to contend with serious health problems. Now he's fit again – and is spending New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

He has a smile on his face again: Riccardo Simonetti has traveled to Las Vegas to end the year there.

& laquo; Travel again to be able to travel ; nnen, feels wonderful & raquo;

This after the 28-year-old recently had to struggle with serious health problems.

 & laquo; Being able to travel again, & uuml; feels wonderful & raquo;

Not only travel is possible again for Riccardo, but also sports. “It will take a while to get back to where I was. But I'm just happy to be able to move again », said the German on Thursday in his Insta story.

That's what

  • The German entertainer and author Riccardo Simonetti (28) is Traveled to Las Vegas with his friend.

  • The trip means a lot to him: until recently, Riccardo was still in hospital bed.

  • He now reflects on Instagram that he has “had a real challenge” in terms of health.

Riccardo Simonetti (28) can laugh again. The influencer and entertainer is currently on vacation in Las Vegas and is enjoying the time to the full. This after he had recently been struggling with serious health problems and had to go to the hospital. With a photo showing him in a good mood in the casino capital, Riccardo reports on Instagram: “Now that I'm feeling better, my boyfriend and I have decided that the New Year will be in such a good mood want to start as possible. »

The last few weeks have been« a real challenge »for his health, Riccardo continues. He had had to take a break from just about everything in his life. It is still not known what Riccardo is suffering from. When he made his state of health public shortly before Christmas, however, he emphasized that his hospital stay had nothing to do with Corona.

«I'm so grateful»

“To be able to travel and do things again feels wonderful and I am so grateful,” Riccardo Simonetti now writes about his Instagram post. On Thursday, in addition to the trip to Las Vegas, he shared another personal highlight at the end of the year: For the first time in five weeks he was able to do sports again. “I'm just happy to be able to move again,” said the entertainer in his Insta story about a photo from the gym.

You can see Riccardo Simonetti in the social media posts that he enjoys being back on his feet to the full. In Las Vegas, he and his friend Steven now want to attend a concert by Katy Perry (37), among other things. The couple has already made an excursion into nature. “It feels like exploring another planet,” said Riccardo about a photo showing the barren landscape of Nevada.

A good week ago, the author reported on Instagram with an update on his health and thanked him for the recovery wishes that followers had sent him in large numbers over the past few weeks. “I really appreciate that and don't take it for granted.”

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