Beginning of Francois Asselin’s preliminary inquiry

The preliminary investigation of François Asselin, the man accused of the murder of his father Gilles Giasson, began Monday at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières.
From the outset, her lawyer, Caroline Monette, had already announced to Judge David Bouchard that the committal to trial was not disputed. Its purpose is to be able to cross-examine certain witnesses of the prosecution in order to assess their credibility for the purpose of the trial, but most importantly, to have their version of the facts about the post-delinquency behavior of the accused. Indeed, Me Monette does not exclude the possibility of invoking during the trial the non-criminal responsibility of her client.

Recall that the Trifluvian is accused of the unpremeditated murder of his father Gilles Giasson, 67 years, and in contempt of his corpse. He allegedly murdered him on May 8, 2018 in their home on Sainte-Cécile Street in Trois-Rivières before disposing of his remains in the period between May 8 and May 11, according to the indictment.

This crime, which is alleged against him, would have occurred more than a week before the alleged murder of his colleague. François Asselin was arrested in Sherbrooke on May 18, 2018 following the discovery of the body of François Lefebvre, 59, of Trois-Rivières in the Sherbrooke industrial park on May 17. He was then formally charged with second degree murder and contempt of a corpse in this case.

It is also at the time of the arrest of François Asselin that Gilles Giasson’s relatives, worried about not hearing from him, had reported his disappearance. The police investigation then led the police to conduct research for a few days at the landfill of Saint-Étienne-des-Grès where human remains had been found.

At least three days of hearings are planned. If 20 witnesses were originally to be heard, the discussions between Me Monette and the two Crown Attorneys, Benoît Larouche and Catherine Lemay, reduced the number of witnesses to 12 or 15.

Already, for this first day of preliminary investigation, seven witnesses marched at the bar. It should be noted here that a publication ban prevents us from disclosing the content of their testimony and the evidence heard.

At first, a half-sister from François Asselin was heard about the circumstances in which she called the Trois-Rivières police on May 18th. A testimony that turned out to be particularly emotional!

He was succeeded by a police officer from Trois-Rivières, a sister of Gilles Giasson, two longshoremen from the port of Trois-Rivières, a friend of the victim and a technician from the Sûreté du Québec’s judicial identification service.

In the courtroom, relatives of Gilles Giasson took care to move to attend the proceedings, faithful to their habits.

For his part, François Asselin shows no particular emotion in the box of the accused, although he seems attentive. On a few occasions, however, he burst out laughing as he listened to some of the witnesses’ reports. We also saw him taking notes at the request of his lawyer.

In the case taking place in Sherbrooke for the assassination of François Lefebvre, Asselin has already been cited at his trial.

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