In the middle of the Corona crisis, the Jungfrau Railway has opened a new gondola lift. Is it going up again now? In a 20-minute live talk, Jungfraubahn CEO Urs Kessler answered questions from the 20-minute community.

The full-length interview with Jungfraubahn CEO Urs Kessler.

That's what it's all about

  • The community was able to ask Jungfraubahn boss Urs Kessler questions.

  • Kessler took the new gondola to the Jungfraujoch for 20 minutes.

  • You can see the most important questions and answers here in the videos.

The ski areas suffer from the German classification of Switzerland as a risk area. There are also no guests from the USA. How do you want to save the winter? The Jungfrau Railways are opting for a faster gondola lift and attract the well-heeled with a VIP service for CHF 12,000 per season.

As part of the “Live from the executive office” series, Jungfrau Railways CEO Urs has 20 minutes on Tuesday lunchtime Kessler visited in the new gondola and took him to the Jungfraujoch. Kessler answered questions from the 20-minute community.

You can see the most important questions and answers from the live chat here in the videos:

«Last year a piece of winter culture was missing»

The winter season is approaching. What kind of winter business does the Jungfrau Railway boss expect in view of the new Omikron virus variant? “Omikron was a short blow. But we are still very confident, the snow conditions are great. The restaurants are also open. Last year, with the closed restaurants, a piece of winter culture was missing, ”says Urs Kessler.

“We had the first bookings from Asia today”

What does the risk classification of Switzerland by the German authorities mean, have there been rejections? «It led to a standstill, but today we had the first bookings from Asia. The international tourists want to go back to the Jungfraujoch », says Kessler.

«The same rules are needed as in public transport»

Reader Charlotte wants to know from Kessler why the ski areas are so difficult with the 3G rule. “With us, you cannot eat in the gondola, we have to wear a mask in all interior rooms. But it is important that we have the same rules as in public transport. Because the guests often cannot tell what a mountain railway or cable car is and what is public transport, ”says Kessler.

Are the tourists fleeing from Austria to Switzerland because of 2G?

Do the Swiss mountain railways benefit from the 2G obligation in Austria? «That is difficult to judge. At the moment you can't look ahead, you have to react flexibly to the changed framework conditions. »

« There is still space in the VIP Club »

Rolf asks about the Platinum Club, where membership costs CHF 12,000, how many members there are already. «We already have numerous memberships, especially from international guests. But the Corona crisis is not the right time to talk about VIPs. There is still space, but it is important to know that all guests in the ski area have the same qualifications, ”says Kessler.

“International guests achieve the higher average yield”

Othmar wants to know why, as a Swiss, he has to pay more than tourists from Asia. “That in no way corresponds to reality. There may be occasional promotions, but we have uniform prices and conditions. But you also have to see that the average return with the international guests is higher than the return with the Swiss guest. ”

From operations dispatcher to CEO

Urs Kessler

Urs Kessler began his career as a rail operations dispatcher. He has been the head of Jungfrau Railways since 2007. Kessler visits the 3466 meter high Jungfraujoch 30 to 40 times a year, mostly to look after guests. On the train return to Interlaken, when the guests are tired from the difference in altitude, Kessler does part of his office work. (sas)

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