The first wet avalanches have loosened in the west. The avalanche danger is likely to spread to eastern Switzerland and Graubünden.

The first wet avalanches resolved in western Switzerland on Wednesday night. The avalanche danger should spread to Eastern Switzerland and Graubünden by Thursday.

Because it rains incessantly - the risk of avalanches in the Alps is greatly increased

The avalanche danger should also spread to Eastern Switzerland and Graubünden by Thursday.

Because it is incessant Local rains - danger of avalanches greatly increased in the Alps

In the Central Plateau, further precipitation is to be expected.

That's what it is about

  • For the next few days it will still rain.

  • There is a risk of avalanches in the mountains, and there could also be local floods.

  • The night from New Year's Eve to New Year's Eve, however, should be clear, the temperatures in the range of ten degrees.

The good news first: New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve will be mostly sunny and almost spring-like warm. The bad: This Wednesday it will rain again, “and that in part heavily,” said Klaus Marquardt from Meteonews. Until Thursday morning there is up to 90 mm of rain on the northern slope of the Alps, as SRF Meteo writes.

There is currently a comparatively large amount of snow in the mountains. The federal natural hazards portal has raised the avalanche danger level for the Alpine region to the second highest level (4 high risk). This means that spontaneous and often very large avalanches are likely.

Avalanches could easily be triggered on many steep slopes. “When it rains in the snow, it works like a sponge,” says Marquardt. That already happened on Wednesday night in French-speaking Switzerland, as Christine Pielmeier from the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research said when asked for 20 minutes.

Pielmeier from the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF recommends winter sports enthusiasts to take all closures and barriers in the ski areas very seriously. And: “The location is unfavorable for tours, snowshoe hikes or alternative skiing”.

The greatest danger is currently avalanches that resolve themselves. “In the west the first came down on Wednesday night,” said Pielmeier. Because it will continue to rain on Wednesday – up to 2500 meters above sea level, the SLF is very much expecting further avalanche slopes in the Alpine region to follow.
Temperatures rise on Thursday. Thus, the avalanche danger will also increase in Eastern Switzerland and Graubünden.

The authorities in Valais closed the road between Täsch and Zermatt on Wednesday afternoon due to an increased avalanche danger, as the «Walliser Bote» writes. At higher altitudes it also remains windy to stormy: “Hurricane gusts were measured from the Säntis,” says Pielmeier. The wind will stay until Thursday.

There is still a risk of flooding. Weather services still reckon that streams, waterfalls or normally dry ditches swell and exposed cave systems could be flooded. That is why the federal government has until December 30th for the affected regions. the danger level 3 indicated – that means considerable danger.

Optimal conditions for outdoor celebrations

Although the last day of the year will begin with wafts of fog, New Year's Eve should offer ideal conditions for fans of fireworks: “It will be problem-free, it will be a clear, starry night in large parts of Switzerland, there will be no precipitation and the wind should not be a problem either be », says the weather expert about 20 minutes.

According to Meteonews, the new year begins like the old one ends – namely with calm and mild high-pressure weather. In the lowlands there is fog in some areas, otherwise the sun is shining. There is also little change in the temperature level, the zero degree limit varies between 3400 and 3800 meters, temperatures above ten degrees are expected in the lowlands.

According to Meteonews, the towns of Chur, Davos, Sion, St. Gallen or Samedan could see the warmest turn of the year since the beginning of the record.

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