An incident occurred in the nature and animal park in Goldau on Thursday. Two Syrian brown bears have clashed. One bear had to be euthanized.

Bear Laila (31) had to after an incident be put to sleep in the Goldau Nature and Animal Park on Thursday.

Bä Bears attack each other - bear Laila (31) had to be put down

The brown bears live in the communal enclosure for bears and wolves. In the afternoon they are brought into the stall so that food can be hidden in the enclosure.

Bä bear attacking each other - Bear Laila (31) had to be put down

Bear Takis (14) and Laila clashed due to an open valve. All attempts to separate the animals failed. Laila had to be put to sleep because of her injuries.

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  • Two bears clashed in the Goldau Nature and Animal Park on Thursday.

  • The male brown bear Takis (14) and bear Laila (31) could not be separated.

  • Laila had to be put down because of her injuries.

  • Visitors to the zoo didn't notice anything.

Because of an incident in the nature and animal park in Goldau, bear Laila (31) had to be put to sleep. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon. The bears that live with wolves in a shared facility are brought into the stable in the afternoon. During this time, zoo employees distribute food to keep them occupied in the facility.

“An incident occurred this Thursday: due to an open slider, the 14-year-old male Syrian brown bear Takis and the 31-year-old bear Laila met,” the zoo said. Any attempts to separate the bears have failed. Bear Laila had to be put down because of her injuries. Visitors to the zoo didn't notice anything because the incident happened “behind the scenes”. “The Nature and Animal Park Goldau regrets this unfortunate incident. Despite all precautions, there is always a certain residual risk when working with animals.”

«The behavior of the male bear Takis is natural. Because in nature, an old she-bear that is no longer able to reproduce and thus no longer serves to preserve the species is attacked by her fellow bears to make room for younger animals. At 31, Laila was already “very old”. The bear had to be operated on last autumn because of a tumour. “This has promoted the behavior of Takis – for him this incident will have no consequences.” The dead brown bear is now being pathologically examined. The purpose of this is to gain insights into the general condition of the animal.

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Fire brigade, Tel. 118 (animal rescue)

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Animal rescue service, Tel. 044 211 22 22 (in emergencies)

Swiss animal reporting center if an animal has run away/run away

Foundation for the Animal in Law, for legal questions

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Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach, for questions about wild birds, Tel. 041 462 97 00

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Report to the cantonal veterinary office or to Swiss animal welfare (anonymously possible)

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