The head of Basler Versicherung, Gert De Winter, has cancer. That is why he can only perform his function to a limited extent. Switzerland boss Michael Müller is now in charge of operational management.

Gert De Winter has cancer.

 Baloise CEO has cancer

He can therefore only limit his function as CEO of Baloise until summer 2022 perceive.

That's what

  • Gert De Winter, CEO of Baloise, has to step back and forth until summer.

  • He has cancer .

  • During this time, Baloise Switzerland CEO Michael Müller will take over day-to-day business.

Baloise boss Gert De Winter has to cut back on an investigation was found to have a tumor in the esophagus, as the insurance company wrote in a press release on Thursday. De Winter can therefore only perform his function as CEO to a limited extent until summer 2022.

The upstream and downstream therapies as well as the surgical intervention have a good medical prognosis for healing, as it is said. Nonetheless, De Winter will continue to manage the strategic business himself.

«We are confident that Gert will fully resume his role in a few months. The Baloise family wishes him a good and complete recovery, ”says Chairman of the Board of Directors Thomas von Planta. The day-to-day operations will be taken over by Baloise Switzerland CEO Michael Müller.

The situation was similar at the Swiss Life insurance company in 2017. Top manager Patrick Frost also got cancer and was out for several months. Frost has now survived the disease.

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This is Baloise:

The Baloise Group is a Basel insurance company and financial services provider. The group employs around 7,700 people and operates in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Bâloise Holding AG share is listed on the Swiss stock exchange. A share currently costs over 150 francs.

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