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Passe-Partout: the magic still works

Who really believed in the chances of success of a new version of Passe-Partout ? The first aroused so much curiosity that more than 700,000 chicks, large and small, were in front of their screen, providing Télé-Québec with its best audience results of the last 10 years. To see the number of products derived from the show under the tree at Christmas, we understand that the adventure is a success across the board.

District 31: challenge the statistics

Still in 2019, the daily newspaper of Luc Dionne defied all the statistics wanting that the public no longer watches its TV live: 1.7 million followers are at the rendezvous, an increase of 200,000 compared to the fall of 2018 In recent months, Nancy Riopelle (Geneviève Schmidt) has monopolized interest and haunted the nightmares of Bruno Gagné (Michel Charette). With such a final last Thursday, there is no doubt that the public will remain captive in 2020.

Disney + gets involved

Netflix has changed everything in the television ecosystem; the arrival of Apple TV + and especially Disney + accelerate this change in television viewing even more. In fact, no generalist network has won Golden Globe nominations, a clear signal. The craze for Disney + on the day of its launch in November was such that the platform experienced failures, a happy problem for Mickey.

Farewell to Lietteville

After seven successful seasons, Danielle Trottier put an end to her story, time to say goodbye to the women of Lietteville. Unit 9 , a major work of our television heritage, will have shown the detainees with more humanity, relegating their crimes to the second rank. A final certainly more satisfactory than that of the Throne of Iron. O ‘also ended up on TVA after seven seasons.

Scoring varieties

Quebec TV can do variety. This fall, Révolution made dancers of all styles shine at TVA; Live from the Universe saw its ratings increase significantly in its 11th season. The next year will mark Julie Snyder’s return to the talk show on V.

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