The video of the children's song from South Korea is a hit. Now it's the most watched on Youtube and gets the click record.

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  • No other video on Youtube has been viewed more than «Baby Shark».

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  • The children's song was the first video to reach over ten billion clicks.

  • Behind the song is a South Korean family with a fortune in the millions.

«Baby Shark» has been a hit on Youtube for years. Now the children's song breaks a new record on the video platform and has over ten billion views. This makes it the most watched video on YouTube. As the platform confirmed to the news channel CNN, it is the first to exceed this mark.

The song consists of a simple melody, “Doo doo doo doo doo doo” as the lyrics, dancing children and cartoon animations. The song reached the magic mark of seven billion clicks by the end of 2020.

Instructional videos for children

Behind the children's song is the South Korean family company Smartstudy, founded in 2010, which develops educational videos for children. Co-founder and CEO is 39-year-old game developer Kim Min-seok.

Five years later, he launched the Pinkfong brand, with which entrepreneurs also launched the «Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories» on which the song was published. The channel has around 55 million subscribers.

$180 million fortune

The South China Morning Post estimated the family's fortune at over $125 million two years ago. Today's estimates are around $180 million. A large part of this is said to come from the income from the children's song. The song “Gangnam Style” by the South Korean rapper Psy has already shown that you can earn a lot of money with a hit on Youtube (see box).

Millions of fortune thanks to Youtube

South Korean rapper Psy's “Gangnam Style” was the first YouTube video to get over a billion views in 2012. The advertising clips that preceded it also generated high advertising revenue. The video is said to have grossed over $8 million in early 2013. The song has currently generated more than 3.8 billion clicks on YouTube. Revenues are therefore likely to have increased accordingly over the last few years. YouTube owner Google earns money from the advertisements on its video portal and passes part of the income on to the performers.

But “Baby Shark” didn't become an overnight success. It was published on YouTube in 2016. It only became more and more popular two years later. In early 2019, the song climbed to number 32 on the US charts. Then the catchy tune was sung everywhere. US late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel once suggested with a wink that the creators of the song should be locked up.

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