Autism: welcome to reality

Me and I have the gift in recent years to show us the absurdity of our reactions. I have already written and I maintain it: I do not see the homeless people in the same way since “Face to the Street”, the documentary series of Jean-Marie Lapointe. I do not act the same way in their presence either. This is the strength of television.
Autiste, soon major , which begins tonight at 19:30, is of this type. A docu-reality of 10 episodes of 30 minutes, which I feel that I will go out transformed, at least after seeing the first two at the launch of programming of Moi et cie. In this production initiated by Charles Lafortune, who lives this situation every day, we will follow seven young people with autism aged 15 to 21 and their parents, with all the challenges associated with this disorder, which affects one in 63 children in Quebec. There are as many forms of autism as people with autism, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Why show their life as they approach adulthood? Because the resources, many for children with autism, disappear suddenly when they reach the age of 21, but they still need a screaming help to address this new reality. This obvious gap plunges parents into understandable anxiety. Who will take care of my child if I am no longer there? How will he find work? How will he live his life, period? All these questions obsess those impotent and often exhausted parents and we hope that the series can “open doors for them”.

Parents Mathis, 17, Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent show a beautiful franchise. When she reads aloud odious comments sent to Charles after he denounced Walmart for temporarily interrupting his integration program, we want to gratify. It was after this painful episode that the host of La voix wanted to show the reality of families of autistic children.

The main quality of a good docu-reality lies in its “characters”, here very endearing. Son of Mathieu Gratton and Patricia Paquin (who does not appear in the series), Benjamin is already known to many, especially for his capsules The world of Benjamin . It is impossible not to focus on this 17-year-old boy, who does not care about anything and his parents leave more and more free of his movements. Mathis and Benjamin are the only children of known parents. You will love Raphaël, 20, who studied at Bart College in Quebec City before moving to Montreal to lead his own life solo. His idols: Woody and Buzz from the movies Toy Story. We will see how this young man manages to cope in society, which caused his parents a lot of trouble when he was a child. Her father tells a particularly violent episode that shows how autism can turn life into a nightmare.

But the most heartbreaking case concerns a single mother who had to resign herself to “placing” her daughter in a specialized center. Younger, Malika could bite, pinch, pull her hair and even hit her mother, who had to lie down on her to calm her down.

Also producer of the series at Pixcom, Charles Lafortune solicits on the screen a meeting with Prime Minister François Legault. “The system lets them down,” the three star parents told us in chorus yesterday. The launch of programming has also allowed some parents in the series to express their joy and relief to see their reality finally portrayed in all honesty on television. Touching testimonies of parents, among whom there was some distress.

You’ll see them in situations as banal as at the hairdresser, at home on waking or cooking burgers. Unusual for us, but taking on a whole new dimension here. Beautifully made by Isabelle Tincler, Autist, soon major is a series that must be seen. To grasp the magnitude of the task, and for the discomfort to fall when you meet an autistic person at the store or on the street. Because it’s part of life.

The autumn grid of Moi et Cie has several interesting titles, including the documentary Mount Nipples , by Anick Lemay. The actress, who has overcame breast cancer, accompanies five women with the same disease in their treatments. An hour-long documentary that looks very moving, scheduled for September 30 at 19h.

I can not wait to see the second season of Offenses , one of my favorites at Moi et Cie last season. This year, young people aged 14 to 17 are added to the cases of adults accused of various offenses, who face justice. A very informative series that demystifies the work of lawyers and the entire judiciary. Start tonight at 8pm. A curiosity for Distortion , where two specialists in digital culture, Emile Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesque, explore the theft of identities, sex in the digital age and the dangers of the dark web , based on real stories. Starting Wednesday, September 25 at 8:30 pm.

With its docu-reality shift in recent years, it can be said that Moi et cie has hit the bull’s eye. The chain has seen its market share increase by 46% since last year among 25 to 54 year olds. This is the largest increase in this age group, all chains combined. Another success: the 10 most watched programs are original productions and not translations. In the spring, the month-end novelties and Emergency Mental Health took over at the top. I have the impression that Autiste, soon major will allow the TVA Group chain to maintain this upward curve.

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