In Austria, the infection process is closely monitored. But business and experts are already playing with the idea of ​​ending the lockdown for those who have been vaccinated and recovered from December 12th.

The stalls of the Christkindl market are closed in Austria – still: On November 29, 2021, government, business and experts debated about a complete opening for vaccinated and convalescent from December 12th.

 & Ouml; Austria wants to loosen up so that Switzerland & laquo; doesn't laugh at itself & raquo;

The corona situation will be monitored over the next few days. In the meantime, the first infection with the Omikron variant has been reported in Austria.

 & Ouml; Austria wants to loosen up so that Switzerland & laquo; doesn't laugh at itself & raquo;

Experts fear that the so-called Omikron variant could escape vaccination protection due to its high viral load.

This is what

  • Austria advises on easing the corona Measures.

  • Those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated can hope for a complete opening from December 12th.

  • For the economy The easing is important in order to be able to keep up with Switzerland.

On Monday, the federal government in Austria discussed the current pandemic situation with social partners and experts. After two hours of debate, there should have been no concrete results, but a clear goal: Complete opening for vaccinated and convalescents from December 12th. A source revealed: “It could come true.”

The next 48 hours will be crucial. The number of infections in Austria is currently falling again slightly: 8,526 new infections have been registered by the authorities. On the Monday of the previous week it was 13 & # x27; 806. However, a decision on the other corona rules was postponed to Wednesday. The necessary data is currently still pending.

«You mustn't steal Christmas from people»

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce, however, is vehemently pushing for openings. “You shouldn't steal Christmas from people,” it said. The relaxation can not only affect the trade for twelve days of shopping, clarified WKÖ President Harald Mahrer. He calls for a complete opening for vaccinated people – for trade, gastronomy and tourism. This is not a question of possibility, but rather one of “necessity,” he noted. Otherwise, “South Tyrol or Switzerland would have a laugh at each other”.

The Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg had already declared on Friday: “There is a clear political goal that we open as wide as possible on December 12th.”

Daily new consultations

The head of the Chamber of Commerce is also calling for the test infrastructure to be expanded. He wants the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) to be involved in the vaccination offensive. Chamber of Labor chief Renate Anderl launched a vaccination appeal and emphasized the importance of the third dose in front of reporters. However, it left no doubt that the lockdown will now be extended for another ten days, until December 11th.

The next debate is on the agenda in the Chancellery on Tuesday. Then, among others, the constitution minister Karoline Edtstadler will discuss the subject of mandatory vaccination with Health Minister Mückstein and numerous experts.

Omikron in Austria

The omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected for the first time in Austria. The Ministry of Health in Vienna confirmed a case from Tyrol. According to the Tyrolean authorities, it is a person who tested positive for Covid-19 after a trip to South Africa. However, the person has no symptoms of the disease.

The virus variant, which was first detected in southern Africa in November, has caused international concern and led to a wave of entry restrictions for passengers from the region. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Omikron poses a great potential danger if it turns out to lead to more infections or to a lower effectiveness of vaccines, drugs or virus tests. Corresponding studies have not yet been completed.

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