For around a year and a half, a heron has been flying over Dora Graf's property and doing its business. She is perplexed and desperate.

A heron regularly flies over Dora Graf's property and does its business.

& laquo; I thought first, a painter spilled white paint & raquo;

Car, window panes and shutters, …

 & laquo; At first I thought a painter spilled white paint & raquo;

Seat, house facade and house roof; nothing he spares.


  • A heron regularly flies from a pond over Dora Graf's property.

  • He does his business in flight.

  • He doesn't spare anything; Cars, window panes and shutters, seats, house fronts and roofs are regularly contaminated with traces of feces.

At first, the residents asked themselves what kind of large white spots these were. “I thought a painter had spilled white paint on the floor,” says Dora Graf (72) from St. Margrethen SG in relation to 20 minutes. At some point she noticed the bird that regularly flies over her property from the nearby pond. “Shortly after the heron took off, it did its business right above our house,” says Graf.

Car, window panes and shutters, seat, house facade and house roof; the heron spared none of this. “To be honest, I'm a little at a loss. We currently have to clean our property from these traces of manure every day, ”says the 72-year-old. You have already turned to the community and asked what you can do about it. There they gave her the advice to hang something glittering, which should scare off the bird. So far, however, without success.

«Scare herons»

The most efficient way would be to drive the bird away with the help of a “heron fright”. “This is a jet of water that reacts to a motion detector,” says Albert Good (54), a gamekeeper from the canton of St. Gallen, when asked. Since herons are terrifying animals, one can also try to drive them away with noise. For example, by hitting two pan lids on top of each other. Something glittering could prevent a bird from landing. “However, I don't think that the heron will change its flight path because of this,” says Good. He also thinks that birds get used to glittering things quickly.

Dora Graf is grateful for every tip and will try everything. «I am, thank God, a positive person. I try to make the best of everything I can't change, ”she says.

& laquo; At first I thought a painter spilled white paint & raquo;

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