Corona-related production downtimes lead to empty shelves at Christmas. The bottlenecks have led to production losses for months. Now the dealers want to increase the prices.

Due to supply bottlenecks for raw materials, products are scarce at Christmas. Price increases threaten next year.

At Christmas there will be skis, bikes and cell phones are scarce

For example, skis are missing …

 Skis, bikes and mobile phones will be scarce at Christmas

… bikes and …

That's what it's all about

  • The Swiss economy is doing well despite Corona.

  • But many companies are suffering from delivery bottlenecks.

  • That is why some Christmas gifts are becoming rare.

Growing despite the corona crisis The Swiss economy: According to an estimate by the economic umbrella organization Economiesuisse, the gross domestic product should increase by 3.8 percent this year and by 2.5 percent next year.

The unemployment rate is also benefiting from the growth and is expected to decrease from three percent this year to 2.7 percent next year, the economists from Economiesuisse announced on Tuesday. Nevertheless, they warn of great uncertainties in many countries because Corona is still keeping the economy in suspense.

It remains unclear how the pandemic fight can succeed and how deeply the governments are still intervening in economic freedom. The economic recovery is also leading to delivery bottlenecks for many materials and products.

According to a survey by the association, it has become even more difficult for many companies to source raw materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic due to pandemic failures. This shortage has led to production delays for months.

Companies want to increase prices

The machine and electrical industry has been struggling with missing components and semiconductors for a long time. Wholesalers and retailers are also affected. There is a lack of skis, bicycles, certain toys and, in particular, electronic devices such as smartphones.

The trade is therefore expecting that it will not be able to meet all of the consumers' wishes on time during the current Christmas business. In addition, almost 60 percent of the companies surveyed are planning an increase in sales prices due to the bottlenecks and high energy costs. Consumers would have to reckon with two to five percent higher prices in the next year.

Lack of qualified personnel

According to Economiesuisse, the companies are not only lacking raw materials and products, but also the qualified personnel. Compared to the previous year, five times as many companies report that they do not have enough trained staff, especially in the fields of industry, IT, health care and the hotel and catering industry.

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