Arson streak: suspects remain detained

The two suspects arrested by the Sûreté du Québec in the aftermath of the series of arson attacks in Frelighsburg, Saint-Armand and Dunham, Monday, remain detained in Sherbrooke until their appearance in court, scheduled for Friday.
The two men, aged 21 and 24, appeared by telephone on Monday. Their identity is therefore not disclosed for the moment. The spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Ingrid Asselin, confirms, however, that these are people residing in the region where the fires started.

Remember that dozens of firefighters intervened, during the night from Sunday to Monday, on a series of fires of criminal origin. Six fires broke out in two and a half hours in a residence, a house converted into a warehouse, a sugar bush and three agricultural buildings. Unheard of in 25 years of career, told La Voix de l’Est the director of fire safety services of Dunham and Frelighsburg, Patrick Cournoyer.

The Major Crimes Investigation Division of the SQ is responsible for the investigation.

In the aftermath of the series of disasters that shook the community, Charles Choquette took stock of the damage to his old barn, razed to the ground by the flames. “The barn was ancestral. Made with wooden pegs. It was wonderful. It was part of our landscape, ”he said.

Sources close to the file confirmed to Choquette that the suspects were “very intoxicated”. “You really have to be mischievous or a little too frozen to do something like this. The thugs who set fire are doing damage far beyond the monetary repercussions. The unfortunate thing is that it will never be punished for its true value. ”

According to Charles Choquette, the two young people were pinned after returning to the scene of the various blaze. “The guys showed up at one of the fires and asked the firefighters if there were any deaths in there. As it was suspect, they would have been detained until the police came to interrogate them, “he said. Another source corroborated this information.

Among other evidence supporting the arson theory, traces of similar tires have been identified near three fires. We also allegedly broke into the maple grove which was engulfed in flames.

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