Arson series in Brome-Missisquoi

Dozens of sappers intervened, during the night of Sunday to Monday, on a series of fires of criminal origin, in Frelighsburg, Saint-Armand and Dunham. Six fires broke out in turn in a residence, a house converted into a warehouse, a sugar bush and three agricultural buildings.
C ette grueling night for firefighters Brome-Missisquoi began at 3 am, while a call was made to emergency services for a fire on the way On Eccles Hill near the path of the Devil, in Frelighsburg. When the firefighters from Frelighsburg, Saint-Armand and Stanbridge East arrived, the farm building, which contained firewood, was completely on fire and almost collapsed to the ground.

“From the start of the extinction, the Saint-Armand firefighters received a call for a residential fire at their home on Chemin des Érables,” says Patrick Cournoyer, director of fire safety services at Dunham and Frelighsburg.

The residence in question is a barn converted into a house and it seems to be inhabited only part-time, said Andrew Monette, director of the Saint-Armand fire safety service. No one was there during the fire.

“When the guys from Saint-Armand left the first intervention to go there, they saw a fire start in a mini sugar bush on Chemin des Ormes,” says Mr. Cournoyer. They returned the call to me, but they are stopped on the spot to extinguish. ”

Since the sugar bush was a recent construction, they managed to contain the fire in part of the building.

Patrick Cournoyer, director of fire safety services for Dunham and Frelighsburg

Mr. Cournoyer’s team also moved to Chemin des Ormes to end the extinction and to allow their colleagues to leave for Saint-Armand. However, a new call was received for another fire, this time on Selby Lake Road, near Route 213, in Frelighsburg. The building destroyed by fire is an agricultural building where agricultural machinery could be found.

“While we were on Selby, there were two simultaneous calls. The first, on Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, near Chemin des Saules, concerned an abandoned two-story house that is now used for storage. Then, on Hudon Road, in Dunham, an agricultural building sheltering hay, ripe and wood was burned.

The firefighters later had to return to the first scene since the fire had resumed, which corresponded to the seventh intervention of the night for these fire soldiers.

Aside from the sugar bush, all other buildings are a total loss. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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