This year, not only celebrities were invited to exclusive events, but also influencers again and again. This is no longer an exception.

Influencers like @lizkaeber, @anajohnson, @mrsbella and @kisu were at the” British Fashion Awards “.

Are influencers the new VIPs?

Influencers and celebrities collected more than 27 million euros at the “Ein Herz für Kinder” donation gala.

 Are influencers the new VIPs?

Last Sunday several influencers were guests at« Harry Potter and the Cursed Child »theater premiere in Hamburg.


  • At the “Harry Potter the Cursed Child” theater premiere, the “A Heart for Children” donation gala and the “British Fashion Awards”, not only celebrities were the focus of the photographers.

  • More and more influencers are invited to important events.

  • Influencers have also been able to attend the Red carpets can be seen.

In recent years, influencers can be seen everywhere. Not only celebrities are invited to events, but more and more influencers too. This year they were invited to fashion shows, awards, events and premieres. The social media celebrities can be seen more and more at these exclusive events. Are influencers the new VIP guests?

A few influencers were spotted at this year's Met Gala and even Youtuber Emma Chamberlain did the interviews on the red carpet for Vogue magazine. 20 minutes reported.

The “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” theater premiere

After a long wait, the premiere of “Harry Potter” took place last Sunday in the Mehr! -Theater in Hamburg. The premiere was postponed several times due to the Covid19 regulations. But it could finally take place this weekend. Among the visitors to the premiere were celebrities such as the singer Alexander Klaws and the actors Sky du Mont, Bettina Zimmermann and Wayne Carpendale. As with the latest film premiere for “House of Gucci”, there are not only prominent guests this year, but also influencers. The fashion influencer Carmen Kroll posts several stories from the evening on her Instagram account. The influencers @janariva and @kisu can also be seen in the pictures. Both posted pictures of themselves. @carmushka achieved over 62,000 likes with her post in less than 24 hours.

The «British Fashion Awards»

The British Fashion Awards also took place a week ago at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The best designers, models and talents in the fashion industry are honored annually at this award ceremony. But not only. This event is also a fundraiser for the “BFC & # x27; s Education Foundation”, the British Fashion Council, to promote young talent. This year's main sponsor is TikTok. Celebrities like Maye Musk, Nick Jonas and Priyank Chopra, Dua Lipa, Demi Moore, Lily Allen, Winnie Harlow, Adriana Lima and many others beamed on the red carpet. Creators like @lizkaeber, @anajohnson, @mrsbella and @kisu were also there.

«A heart for children»

Last Saturday the donation gala “A Heart for Children” also took place in Berlin. Celebrities raised more than 27 million euros. Over 90 stars attended this successful event. But Gen Z influencers were also invited this year. The music influencers @romanlochmann and @heikolochmann can be seen in the pictures on the «Ein Herz für Kinder» Instagram page. Influencer and activist @riccardosimonetti, as well as many other influencers, were also present at this year's gala.

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Are influencers the new VIPs?

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