At the age of 44, the moderator can stand above criticism of her body. Nevertheless, it makes them ugly – especially when others suffer from it.

Anna Maier made her comeback moderation at” The Masked Singer Switzerland “this year .

Anna Maier is fed up by Bodyshaming

After the semi-finals on Wednesday evening, she received feedback from her community. The 44-year-old was not happy.

 Anna Maier is fed up with bodyshaming

A fan criticized her figure. Maier looks too thin on TV and should eat something.


  • On Wednesday evening Anna Maier hosted “The Masked Singer Switzerland” again.

  • After the broadcast, a fan answered and praised her work, but at the same time criticized her figure.

  • In an Instagram -Post is now resisting the 44-year-old.

  • You can handle it yourself, but fear that not everyone is so self-confident.

  • «Just be a little more careful,» she appeals to the senders of such comments.

On Wednesday evening Anna Maier was back in front of the camera as the presenter of “The Masked Singer Switzerland”. As usual, the 44-year-old led through the vocal show with confidence. And there was praise from her Instagram community: “I saw the show, everything was great.” But instead of being happy about the feedback, the Zurich resurrects anger. Because in the message that she published it goes on to say: “Eat something, you look very slim on TV.”

Maier responded coolly with a “thank you” to the praise. In the case of body criticism, however, she explains: “I do not believe that such a statement should be addressed to anyone by a stranger. At 20 you probably don't say anything to it. But today, at the age of 44, I am defending myself – also for everyone else. ”

«It's just nobody's business»

“Eat something, you're too thin.” A statement that Maier is very moved, as she reveals in a follow-up post: “When talking to a 'thin' person, it is often wrongly assumed that it is okay. Why?! If they are also uttered by strangers, then I simply have no words. »

The moderator is of the opinion that it does not concern anyone, except for yourself, whether a body is “too thin”, “too fat”, “too small” or “too big”. Everyone has the task of taking care of this independently. And nobody has the right to assess whether your body fits into a thought pattern or scheme. Anna Maier herself can deal with the criticism and is self-confident enough. But she knows that not everyone has this self-confidence: “It annoys me because of all the people who take such abusive statements personally, who may not be able to handle them so confidently and who develop an eating disorder,” she writes.

Are you or is someone you know affected by (cyber) bullying?

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Pro Juventute, advice for children and adolescents, Tel. 147

Specialist Mobbing Office (subject to a charge)

Parents' advice, Tel. 058 261 61 61

Help with bullying, Specialist office for schools and parents (subject to a charge)

Offered hand, worry hotline, Tel. 143

Swiss crime prevention

Advice centers of Victim Aid Switzerland

< h3 class = "Crosshead_crosshead__1H9Xt Crosshead_siteAreaNews__bkbua Crosshead_typeStandard__20hdY"> Appeal to the critics

The mother of three appeals to the authors of such comments: «Just be a little more careful. Why does it always have to be written everything that comes to mind to evaluate another person? Whom does that benefit? Does it do anything positive? No. And no. »

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