The desmoid below the Lucerne woman's left breast is benign, but growth cannot be stopped. Now the 28-year-old has made a decision.

A few months ago, Anja Zeidler made public that she had a benign tumor under her left breast. Initially, the 28-year-old tried to counteract the so-called desmoid by changing her lifestyle.

 Anja Zeidler has her tumor removed

As the entrepreneur announced on Instagram over the weekend, the tumor must now however, be removed. “I can't stop the tumor from growing fast enough,” says Anja.

Anja Zeidler removes her tumor remove

Anja, here with her partner Milan Anicic, has thought a lot about her diagnosis in the last few months. “On a psychosomatic level, I found out some things that make sense for me.”

That's what

  • Anja Zeidler (28) made public a few months ago that she had a desmoid tumor .

  • Now the Lucerne woman has decided to have the benign tumor removed.

  • With a changed lifestyle, Anja had previously tried to stop the growth of the desmoid.

  • She now wants to continue working on «bringing certain things into balance».

Anja Zeidler (28) decided to have the tumor removed from below her left breast. Because the so-called desmoid tumor, wrote the Lucerne entrepreneur and influencer in an Instagram post on Saturday, has gotten bigger. “I can't stop the tumor from growing fast enough,” Anja says. “That's why, after a long thought, I'm ready: I'll have it removed this month.”

In October Anja had revealed in an interview with “Schweizer Illustrierte” that the desmoid had been found after several examinations. At that time, the doctor advised her to adopt a healthy lifestyle, as this might reduce the size of the tumor or make it disappear entirely. “I've been trying to understand for months”, the young mother now reflects on the time since the diagnosis.

“Bringing things into balance”

Some “origins and connections” are now clear to Anja. Because even if there is no clear explanation for the tumor from a medical point of view, she says: “On a psychosomatic level, I have found out some things that make sense for me.” Although Anja has now made the decision to have the desmoid removed, she continues to work intensively on «bringing certain things into balance».

As early as October, Anja Zeidler stated that she perceived the tumor as a warning shot and that she wanted to take it easy. The Lucerne native also writes about the short Instagram video in which she points to the spot where the tumor is below her breast: “Even negative energies shouldn't be ignored, because we can only break away from them when we look.” Although one should always think positively, it is not realistic to only want to see the positive.

The desmoid tumor, which is a benign tumor, but grows like a malignant tumor and spreads into the surrounding area Tissue “eats”, according to Anja is “solid and cannot be moved”. There is also the chance that he will come back after the surgical removal.

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