Anger in the stands during the Tournament, bantam de Granby

Colère dans les gradins lors du Tournoi bantam de Granby

The atmosphere was more than tense in the stands of the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin when the Ice Dome in Mexico was on the ice, in the Tournament international de hockey bantam de Granby. Spectators have not been more friendly towards the players mexicans, who would have been afraid for their safety.

An error of good faith in the team ranking, based on the performance of training during the past two years, could be at the origin of the ruckus.

“It is the responsibility of the tournament is sure to put teams in the correct categories, analysis Normand Côté, chair of the tournament. We done the research we can to categorize the teams, but it was learned during the tournament that young people, in the Mexico team, playing in a caliber much stronger in Ontario. “

The research is ongoing, but the organization now knows that it is the case for at least one of the players of the training.

This information is prevalent among the parents of the teams that have competed the training in mexico, which has caused some anger. “[The sub-classification of the team] is the error of the tournament, I take it on me, gliding Mr. Side, disappointed with the turn of events. We are going to have to do your homework with all the teams that come to the tournament in the future. “


It is an open secret : the families of the players can be violent in the tournaments of hockey. The subject was regularly talking in the media.

The parents present at the tournament bantam were no exception, to the point where the young players mexicans were afraid to leave the locker room at certain times, reports a source to The Voice of the East.

One match even had to be interrupted due to the violence demonstrated by some parents, Saturday. “I think that there is still a few seconds to play, said by the president of the tournament. The coordinators of ice has the possibility, by seeing the atmosphere in the grandstands and what is happening on the ice, to stop the clock. “

The organization has met with the coaches of opposing teams about the sub-classification of the Ice Dome, and has made his mea culpa, even if it was too late to change things. “The coaches understood, but the people in the grandstands knew it not. “

“When we saw the turn of matches, it was not luck,” added Mr. Côté. Towards the end of the match, I called the police station in prevention, to calm the ardor of the people. “

The spokesperson for the Service de police de Granby, Guy Rousseau, confirms that patrol officers went to the arena twice, on Saturday and Sunday, but the quiet had already returned to their arrival.


A group of local youths, including immigrants and Quebec, came to encourage the mexican team, which was not appreciated by the parents of the other teams.

The parents of the mexicans who were there did nothing, assured the chairman of the tournament. These are the premises that accompanied the mexican team, which incited the people of the other teams. And it climbed, it climbed. They showed that they were happy for Mexico, but at the same time, there were players much too strong for bantam A. there have been actions that have pushed the atmosphere is already a little hot. “

On one side or the other, the supporters were able to feel face. Daniel, a Quebecer who encouraged the Mexicans, tells us that a mother was filming while they were encouraging their favourite team of the tournament.

“Everything we have done, is to encourage Mexico and its players, argues the teen, who was with friends for the majority of age minor. There are parents who have not liked it too. The first game, I saw a woman to photograph us without our consent. As if it was a provocation. One of my friends responded. My friend came up to her pretending to be the film. She continued to shoot it and when he came back to us, she wanted to give him a kick. “

Daniel does that report the reaction of his friend, however, without guarantee. “We’re just kids, we don’t know how to react “, he adds, saying the transition have also witnessed racist.

It ensures that they have launched no insult, even if they have been cashed.

The mexican team have shown an interest to return, despite the negative atmosphere during their passage, says Norman Side. No decision is taken at the present time, but the training will have to play the cards on the table in order to be classified in the right category next time.

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