An unforgettable day for Samuel Montembeault

Une journée inoubliable pour Samuel Montembeault

Rimouski — Kid, when he dreamed of the NHL, this is Roberto Luongo, who was the idol of Samuel Montembeault. His figure sat in his room in Bécancour.

Saturday night in Sunrise, he had Luongo in flesh and bone at his sides, to his baptism in the circuit Bettman. He even had some tips in the heat of the action, after an early game difficult. Montembeault has finally delivered 18 stops for the Panthers, helping his team to get a point in a defeat of 4-3 suffered in the extension in the face of the Hurricanes of Carolina.

“It is sure that this was not the start that I hoped for. Grant’s two goals on the first three shots, this is not the ideal. The first two minutes of the game were very long! When I got back to the bench (the commercial break), Roberto encouraged me. I was especially told to relax. I took two deep breaths, and after that, everything is is placed. I’m still happy with my game”, delivered Samuel Montembeault, obviously a lot more nervous than usual Saturday. “I had trouble sleeping during my nap before the game. The stress was much more important. It’s part of the game. My teammates kept me well supported. It took me a few minutes in the match for me to feel comfortable.”

The ex-doorman Booms midget AAA knew since his recall on Friday evening that he would break the ice in the course of the weekend. The original plan was to entrust the net Sunday, but in the end, he knew Saturday morning that it was going to be HIS day.

He was grateful to the Panthers for having maneuvered to have his relatives with him. His parents Mario and Manon, her brother Matthew, and his girlfriend Daryanne were so first-hand to witness this unique moment. “I was really happy to live it with them. I dreamed a long time in the first game. It was special to play in the same arena where I was drafted in the 2015. He only missed the victory for it to be perfect!”

Montembeault could not go closer. His teammates have quickly caught up with the delay of the beginning of the game. He gave up only one other time during the 60 minutes, playing an important role to push this match into extra time. The Panthers then had three chances in gold close the books. Then, the Hurricanes have benefited from a surplus of two-against-one, which ended with a splendid goal from the star of the team, Sebastian Aho. “I had anticipated a few passes, I thought I could do the stop with the leg. It housed the washer just above”, he says, a little disappointed. “This is not the end that I wanted… The victory, it will be for the next time!”

This day led to believe even stronger that he will be able to defend this fortress regularly in the medium term. In the next few days, James Reimer will be out of the infirmary, which should be returned in the american League. Count on Montembeault to continue to grow in order to be invited to join, eventually, the big club full-time. “The ice is broken, now I know what to expect. The puck comes out faster to your area, but it returns more quickly as well. The guys have more talent, that is obvious. But I know that it is accessible for me.”

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