An unexpected opportunity

Une chance inespérée

THREE-RIVERS — The talent is certainly the overriding factor in the success of an actor or an actress but to deny the impact of luck, however, would be naive. This is true for established artists and neophytes alike. This is for example the adventure of Megan James, young) 15 years of age, which is reflected in the distribution of the movie colony, one of the surprise success of the year 2018 in quebec cinema.

Megan James is first and foremost a dancer within the school District V in the sector Cap-de-la-Madeleine. The dance, as she says, it is his art, and since she is 2 years old. It has not prevented it from developing a certain appeal to the game in front of the camera. When, on Facebook, she has seen an announcement stating that they were looking for extras in a short film that was going to turn Pierreville, on the south bank; why not jump on the opportunity?

“I just wanted to try it to see if that could please me,” says this student of the Institute secondaire Keranna. I like to film myself with my phone but I had no experience of a real shoot as a performer. But that is what I had to lose?” She was right and he was selected for auditions and then, for a secondary role.

For those who have seen the movie and plan to see it, it is part of the classmates of Mylia when they find themselves to play hockey cosom in the gym and in the locker room after physical education class.

This was the story of a day of shooting, just enough to discover a film set, a taste of the unique atmosphere that presides at the creation of a film. See how it goes past the camera, in sum. Enough to understand the meaning of the interpreters, who repeated how much is hard for the patience to work on a film set. “It is true that it is long,” admits Meghan. It is necessary to wait for hours to have everything ready before the turn, but at the same time, it was very exciting: it was all new. I took the opportunity to observe the experienced actors to see how they do it.”

She was able to rub Émilie Bierre, a young star of this low-budget film that has taken the industry by surprise by being nominated for the title of best film of the 2018 canadian screen Awards. “Emily and I have only a year age difference. It was very simple and took the time to mingle with the extras for a chat during the breaks. She was really very nice. As an actress, I watched her work and she is really very good.”

Megan keeps this experience at least one essential thing: she would like to relive the experience without having to make an orientation of studies.

“As I am strong in science and that I like it, it is what remains my top priority but I would definitely work again on a film set. The thing that impressed me most, I think it is the involvement of artistic of the entire team. We felt that everyone gave the best of himself to make the best film possible in a true spirit of collaboration.”

The course of the work on tour with a meager $ 1.5 million tends to give him reason. What is certain is that Megan James could not dream of a better place to make his debut on the big screen. “Start on a movie that receives such good reviews, it is really extraordinary like situation. It is sure that the success of a film is not its extras, but at the same time, it is necessary to give credibility to the scenes then, I feel I have done my small part. I am really very proud of the success of A colony.”

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