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Three-Rivers — as We have said, the career of Rose-Marie Perreault queue at the speed of a comet in mid-race. While she still focuses on the promotion of the series-The monster, his latest film, Before we explode, comes out in theaters.

“This is a film for teenagers because of the themes it tackles,” says the actress, but that really exceeds the frameworks of the usual kind. At the base, there is a question of Pier-Luc, a teenager from Baie-Saint-Paul, who is trying to lose his virginity before a nuclear conflict imminent not destroy the planet. It is a classic subject but it is treated in a way that’s truly surprising. It wallows in absurd humor and very intelligent that pushes us away from movies of teens as usual. It’s really a movie since it’s not actually more.”

“As for me, I played the character of Cynthia, a small bum free and funny. It is a beautiful role that I liked a lot. I think that the film will appeal to teens but to adults too that are really going to find their account, in particular because of the intelligence of the dialogues. It conveys a very positive message and it has the great merit of not taking the adolescents for idiots.”

Moreover, while it invests in those of its projects which are proving currently to the public, it remains a candidate for the title of best actress of the last year in Canada for his role in The fake tattoos. With his work schedule crazy, she doesn’t even know if she will be free to attend the ceremony in Toronto on march 31. “Of course, I would like to go. It is a great honour and quite frankly, I am very proud to be a finalist in a category where they are from Quebec which dominate with four nominees in five (Carla Turcotte, Émilie Bierre and Brigitte Poupart being the other). I saw the performance from Emily and Bridget and frankly, they are so extraordinary that I would not be in any way disappointed not to win. I eliminated that possibility from my mind and have no expectations. I’m just very honored to be here among these amazing finalists.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, the actress will be the honorary president of the film Festival of the Outaouais region from 21 to 29 march.

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