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Friborg fails in the Champions Hockey League

Over and over. The winner of the Champions Hockey League 2022 does not come from Switzerland. That is now fixed. After the ZSC Lions on Tuesday evening, the last remaining representative, Friborg-Gottéron, was eliminated in the round of 16. The French-speaking Switzerland lost the first leg against Red Bull Munich 2-4. The second leg ended with a 2-3 defeat. It looked wonderful at times, with Friborg leading 2-0 after 43 minutes. But then the Munich turned the game.

Curious: Red Bull Munich will now face Lukko Rauma in the quarter-finals. The club went through to the next round without a second leg. The reason: The game against HC Bozen was canceled by the Finnish authorities. This is because several Bolzano players have Corona. And since Lukko won the first leg 3-1, the Champions Hockey League decided that the Finns would make it to the quarter-finals. (nih)

Lugano's men dropped out

Lugano striker Yannick Herren suffered a fracture of his forearm bone when he threw himself into a shot in the game against Lausanne. The medical staff decided against surgery. In three weeks the 30-year-old will be examined again and a decision will be made when he can return to the ice.

Herren recently moved from Friborg to Lugano and has only played two games for the Ticino. (hua)

Lakers and Biel win

SCL Tigers – Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 1: 4

The Lakers celebrate a deserved success against the SCL Tigers, they win 4-1. In a competitive final phase, Lakers player Forrer made the decision when he scored the 3-1 (56th minute) after a huge buck of dirt that made a capital bad pass. In the 58th minute it was then even Dünner who scored the 4-1 final score. Thanks to the 4: 1 win, the Lakers stay in close contact with the top of the table.

Biel – Ajoie 8: 1

The climber from Ajoie currently still has big problems in the National League. The club was beaten up against Biel, Ajoie lost 8-1. Künzle opened the goal party after 72 seconds, after 40 minutes the score was 1: 6. Bitter! After the 2: 8 against the SCL Tigers on Saturday, there was the next debacle. (nih)

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

Out for the Lions

Even before the second leg in the Champions League Hockey League, it was clear to the ZSC Lions: In the away game in Sweden against Rögle BK, a win by two goals was needed to prevent the premature end in the knockout round. In the starting phase, the Lions dominated their opponent – but without scoring a goal.

The Zurich team scored their first goal in the 34th minute of the game. Yannick Weber put the puck in the goal. The controversial goal was given after a long video study. The joy of the hit only lasted for a short time. In the power play, the Swedes were able to equalize by a distractor. The Lions had 20 minutes to say: all or nothing. The team from Sweden was not intimidated by the Lions and played happily forward. After a penalty against Phil Baltisberger, Dennis Everberg scored the 2-1 goal for the hosts and made the decision in the 53rd minute of the game. In the last minute the Swedes even made it 3-1.

The Swiss teams against Swedish teams, that's not a love affair in the Champions Hockey League. The out of the Lions was already the tenth lost knockout duel in a row. ( fss )

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is thrown out of the Champions Hockey League

Jörg extends in Friborg

The striker Mauro Jörg has prematurely extended his contract with Friborg-Gottéron by two years . The 31-year-old joined the Friborg team in the 2020/2021 season. His contract runs until the end of the 2024 season.

“Mauro Jörg has established himself as an important player in our team since his arrival and we are happy that we can count on him for two more seasons,” says sports director and coach Christian Dubé. (hua)

Top scorer DiDomenico leaves Friborg

SC Bern has signed Canadian Chris DiDomenico for the next two years, and the 32-year-old will join the Bern team in the new season. The center signed a two-year contract. He played six seasons for the SCL Tigers and has been under contract with Friborg-Gottéron since the 2020/21 season. So far, DiDomenico has played 279 National League games and scored 254 points scorer (72 goals/182 assists).

«Chris DiDomenico has impressively proven his qualities in all the years he has played in our league. He's a strong leader on and off the ice. This is underlined with remarkable scorer worth. Chris DiDomenico plays with emotions and a great fighting spirit. That's exactly what we want in our team, ”says SCB sports director Andrew Ebbett. (hua)

ZSC wins after embarrassment against Bern

After Zurich's 6-1 embarrassment against SC Bern on Saturday evening, ZSC had to urgently react against Lausanne on Sunday afternoon. And that came in a supplementary game of the 26th round! In the Hallenstadion, the Zurich team scored the first goal after 18 minutes. Chris Baltisberger used a saved shot to take the lead 1-0.

After Mark Barberio attracted attention with an unsightly action against the opponent's head, the emotions in Zurich tumbled. Fights and packs were the result! Baltisberger received a game misconduct penalty. Shortly before the second break, two players tackled each other again. So it was not surprising that the second third was dominated by outnumbered situations. Still, no team was able to score a goal.

In the third period both teams tried to persist, but neither team managed to score. A very heated game ended 1-0 from Zurich's point of view. How heated is to see the penalty minutes: the Lions received 31 penalty minutes, the Lausanne 28 ( ape )

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

SC Bern – ZSC Lions 6: 1

The guests from Zurich actually got off to a better start in the game. But then Noreau afforded a mega blackout and Scherwey shot the SCB in the front. In the middle third, the hats then started the gala. Again Scherwey, Kast and Thomas killed the Lions in the middle third. The haphazard Zurich even had to take the 0: 5, Thomas met again. ZSC-Andrighetto set the end point after Andersson's sixth goal from Bern.

HC Davos – Friborg-Gottéron 0: 2

Top fight in the ice rink in Davos! After a horror bad pass from HCD defender Barandun, DiDomenico shot the table runner-up in the 9th minute in the front. The Davos responded and pressed the Friborg goal. But the balance did not want to succeed until the final third – despite the double majority. Suddenly the dragons cheered again. Mottet caught the unfortunate Aeschlimann. It stayed that way because Berra kept his box clean despite the Davos storm. The HCD has to give up the top position after two bankruptcies in a row.

Zug – Biel 4: 3

While first and second dueled in Davos, third received fourth place in the table in Zug. In the strong start phase in Biel, Martschini met the EVZ management. The Zealanders struck back a second before the first break, Hügli dusted off. Because Biel goalie van Pottelberghe made a mistake in the middle third, the EVZ suddenly led again. But the guests equalized a few seconds before the break with the strong Kessler. In the final section, Rajala even turned the game in favor of Biel. Zehnder saved the champions three minutes before the end of the game in extra time – or did they? Klingberg took full risk just a few seconds after equalizing and hammered EVZ to victory!

Ambri – Geneva Servette 2: 3

Lausanne – Lugano 4: 8

SCL Tigers – Ajoie 8: 2

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is thrown out of the Champions Hockey League

The last one ends the winning streak of the leader

Ajoie – Davos 3: 1

On paper this game was a clear affair, after all, the last one played against the leader. Although the Davos team took the lead in the 9th minute through Dennis Rasmussen, the game was by no means a sure-fire success. Since Ajoie equalized in the 37th by Ueli Huber, the game remained exciting until the end, both teams had a chance of victory. Huber scored the decisive goal again in the 59th minute, the surprise was perfect. The empty netter in the 60th minute was just cosmetic results. The HCD lost after five previously won games.

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg flies out of the Champions Hockey League

Friborg – Tigers 4: 3

The second in the table, Friborg, first had to fall behind run behind. Thanks to three goals in a row, the dragons turned the game on their side. Then it went back and forth with further goals, in the end the Friborg won 4: 3, but had to tremble until the end that they did not receive the equalizer, the Tigers threw everything forward without a goalie. It was all of no use.

Lugano – Ambri 5: 2

The guest also took the lead in the Ticino derby, then the Luganesi took over the game, scoring four goals in two-thirds. The game was already decided after 40 minutes. In the last third there was still a goal on both sides, but the HCL won a clear victory.

Lakers – Bern 2: 3

In Rapperswil it looked like a clear victory for the hosts until the 38th minute, thanks to goals from Zack Mitchell and Dominic Lammer they led 2-0. But the Bernese did not give up, equalized the game to 2-2. And it got even better, Thierry Bader even brought Mutzen into the front in 53rd. It remained with this result, a won victory for the Bernese.

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

Servette – move 3: 4

After a little over two minutes, Luca Andrea De Nisco put the champions in the front. 32 minutes later Reto Suri doubled with his 6th goal of the season. But only eleven seconds later, Servette came back through Marc-Antoine Pouliot and Valtteri Filppula equalized in the 46th minute. Yannick Zehnder brought EVZ back into the lead (55th), but Pouliot scored again 16 seconds before the end to equalize. It was extended. There the Zugers were able to force victory, Marco Müller scored the decisive goal. (hua)

Damien Brunner got married

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg flies out of the Champions Hockey League

Beach volleyball player Nina Betschart and hockey star Damien Brunner got married. The 26-year-old reveals this in a post on Instagram. Under a photo showing her and Brunner, she wrote: «The best day ever. Forever and ever!” The 35-year-old hockey player from Biel and the beach volleyball player have been a couple since 2013. The wedding also has an impact on the career of Betschart and her beach volleyball colleague Tanja Hüberli. At least a bit. So the duo Hüberli/Betschart now becomes Hüberli/Brunner. (nih)

EHC Biel extends contract with Fabio Hofer

EHC Biel has extended the contract with Fabio Hofer for a further two years. The striker will therefore stay with EHC Biel until April 2024. Hofer has scored 39 scorer points for the EHCB in the 50 games to date. ( ape )

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

The EVZ The 23-year-old Livio Stadler will be absent from the EVZ for around eight weeks. This after Stadler was hit on the arm by a puck during the game between Davos and the Swiss champions. The defender suffered a fracture in his arm and will be absent from Zug for the next few weeks of the season. ( ape )

Philip Wüthrich at SCB

until 2025Goalie Philip Wüthrich will stay with SC Bern until 2025. The 23-year-old has already brought the championship title to Bern with the U-17 (2014 and 2015) and the U-20 (2016). Now he should also bring success to the capital with the first team.

Sports director Andre Ebbett is looking forward to the further cooperation: “It was clear to us early on that we would plan the future with him. And since Philip Wüthrich wanted to stay with SCB, we came to an agreement fairly quickly in the negotiations. He already shows in the present what value he has for the SCB, and the future belongs to him anyway. ” ( ape )

SCB signs Phil Varone

Canadian striker Phil Varone will play for SCB from now until the end of the season. The 30-year-old center joins the Berners from Lausanne.

«In addition to the failures of Kaspars Daugavins and Dustin Jeffrey, Joshua Fahrni could be added, who may take part in the U20 World Cup and then miss eight of our games. That means that we would be missing three centers. Phil Varone is a classic center who knows the league and can help us immediately, ”says sports director Andrew Ebbett. (hua)

Lions and Friborg lose in the Champions Hockey League

In the Champions Hockey League, the ZSC Lions and Friborg-Gottéron were in action in the round of 16. Both failed, however. The Lions lost 3: 4 to Rögle Ängelholm, Friborg 2: 4 to Red Bull Munich. After all: it was only the first leg. That means: Everything is still possible for the two Swiss clubs. The second leg will take place next week; the decisive factor is the total score. (nih)

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is thrown out of the Champions Hockey League

Davos wins against Zug, Lakers convince against Biel

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

HC Davos – EV Zug 2: 0

It is currently running at Davos. And that in the anniversary year of the club! The HCD says hello from the top of the table and is in top form. Of the last ten games, the Davos only lost to the Lakers. But now the master from Zug was waiting. But HC Davos showed no weakness against them either. After two early goals by Knak and Nygren in the fifth and seventh minutes, the game was already decided. The EV Zug tried again and again to score the next goal – but it didn't work.

EHC Biel – Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 1: 2

Biel was also unable to end the winning streak from Rapperswil-Jona. The Lakers won 2-1 in Zealand. And deserves it. Shortly after the game kicked off, Lammer took the lead for the Lakers. Shortly before the third end, however, Biel was able to equalize through Rajala after a nice combination. But the Bieler did not manage to turn the game. And so it was Forrer, who scored 2-1 for the Lakers shortly before the end. Rapperswil-Jona has now won seven games in a row. Impressive!

Ambri-Piotta – Ajoie 2: 0

After goals from Bürgler and Burren, Ambri beat Ajoie 2-0. The victory of the Ticino is, above all, bitter for Ajoie. It shows that even teams that should supposedly be on an equal footing are simply better than the promoted team. Thanks to the win, Ambri-Piotta is approaching seventh place and continues to widen the gap to the rear. (nih)

Player swap between Friborg and Lugano

HC-Friborg-Gottéron and HC Lugano have agreed on a player swap. “For Yannick Herren, a solution that was satisfactory for everyone involved could be found,” said the dragons. Men are moving to Ticino with immediate effect. The 24-year-old Timo Haussener does the opposite. (hua)

At the end of the Germany Cup, Switzerland wins

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

The Swiss ice hockey team can still win the Deutschland Cup. The third game saw the first win. At the end of the Cup in Krefeld, the Swiss hockey stars won 3-2 against Russia. Thanks to the victory, the national team finished the tournament in third place.

The game was extremely entertaining. For a long time things did not look good for Switzerland. After half an hour it was 2-0 for Russia. After the 1: 7 against Slovakia and the 0: 3 against Germany, the next debacle loomed. But the Swiss caught up. First Ambühl scored, then Andrighetto equalized. Pestoni became the match winner. After great preparatory work, he scored the 3-2 shortly before the end. (nih)

Hockey national team loses again – defeat against Germany

The Swiss ice hockey team loses again. After the 1: 7 bankruptcy against Slovakia, Switzerland lost to Germany with 0: 3. Rieder scored the first goal of the game at the Deutschland Cup in the 28th minute. The German took advantage of his team's first outnumbered situation without humor when he was able to utilize a rebound in the slot.

As a result, the national team tried hard, but remained hapless. And so it came as it had to come. Shortly before the end, Germany increased to 3-0 through Pföderl and Hager. So the start of the Olympic season is a disaster for the ice hockey team. After a 1: 7 bankruptcy, the next big defeat followed. (nih)

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

Attractive field of participants in the Spengler Cup

After a year of interruption, the traditional Spengler Cup will take place in Davos again this year. On Saturday it was officially announced which six teams will be there this time. In addition to host HCD, Ambri-Piotta will also be the Swiss representative.

Record winners Team Canada, the Scandinavian teams HC Frölunda and Kalpa Kuopio, as well as Sparta Prague from the Czech Republic ensure an attractive field of participants. Thanks to the approval of the government of Graubünden, Marc Gianola, OC President of the Spengler Cup, has had planning security for several days: “We are incredibly happy that we can hold the Spengler Cup. Because without the Spengler Cup there will be no HCD in the long term. ” (flo)

 All Swiss teams out - Friborg is out of the Champions Hockey League

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