After Sebastian Kurz's departure, Alexander Schallenberg also vacated his chair in the Federal Chancellery for a replacement.

One political bang chases the next: On the evening of the 2nd December 2021, Alexander Schallenberg announced his resignation as Austrian Chancellor.

 Alexander Schallenberg resigns as Federal Chancellor

Alexander Schallenberg resigns as Federal Chancellor

Kurz will announce his resignation from all political offices this morning.

Austria's Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is leaving his post after almost two months. This was announced by the politician of the conservative ÖVP after his predecessor Sebastian Kurz announced his retirement as ÖVP party leader on Thursday.

Schallenberg announced in a statement: “Sebastian Kurz's decision earns me great respect and I thank him for his work for our country. In a very challenging phase for the Federal Government and the New People's Party, I agreed to take over the office of Federal Chancellor. It is not my intention and has never been my goal to take over the function of federal party leader of the New People's Party. I firmly believe that both offices – head of government and federal party chairman of Austria's party with the strongest vote – should quickly be reunited in one hand. I will therefore make my office as Federal Chancellor available as soon as the relevant course has been set within the party. ”According to media reports, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer is to become the new ÖVP boss and Chancellor. Like Schallenberg, Nehammer is considered a hardliner – mainly because of his strict course in migration and immigration policy. Most recently, the 49-year-old was criticized for his stance on accepting refugees from Afghanistan. Until recently, he campaigned for asylum seekers to be deported from the crisis-ridden region. But even during the Corona crisis, Nehammer was – especially at the beginning – the tough man when it came to penalties for lockdown sinners.

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