The discounter pays the highest minimum wage in the industry: employees now receive at least 4600 francs per month.

Aldi employees can look forward to a wage increase.

Aldi increases the minimum wage 4600 francs

On the one hand, the minimum wage will be increased by 2.8 percent.

 Aldi increases minimum wage to 4600 francs

The starting wage is now between 4600 and 4730 francs per month, depending on the wage region .


  • Aldi is now paying the highest minimum wage in the food retail sector.

  • Employees receive a starting wage of at least 4600 francs.

  • There will also be 2022 A wage increase of one percent for all employees.

From January 2022, Aldi Suisse will increase the minimum wage by 2.8 percent to 4600 francs per month, according to a media release. This means that the discounter is now paying the highest minimum wage in the Swiss food retail sector.

Depending on the wage region, the starting wage is now between 4600 and 4730 francs at 13 monthly wages. In addition, the wages of apprentices at Aldi are at the top throughout Switzerland with 1,140 francs a month in the first year of training and up to 1,900 francs in the third year.

“Good working conditions are a central pillar of the Aldi philosophy,” says Jérôme Meyer, country manager of Aldi Suisse. The aim is to continue to pay the highest minimum wage in the Swiss retail trade in the future.

In addition, the discounter will give all of its 3900 employees a wage increase of at least one percent in the next year. Because Aldi owes its successful year to its employees. “You have again achieved great things,” says Meyer.

All employees receive a one-off contribution of 500 francs as a thank you. And for Christmas, Aldi is also giving employees a voucher worth up to 400 francs. “Such an investment is extraordinary,” says Meyer.

This is Aldi Suisse

Aldi Suisse operates 220 branches in Switzerland and employs around 3900 people, around 215 of whom are apprentices. In 2019, the discounter had a turnover of almost 2.3 billion francs. Aldi is silent about the sales figures for 2020. However, the discounter was able to create 300 new jobs in the Corona year.

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