At the beginning of November, the assembly of delegates agreed that Migros should include alcohol in its range in the future. It has been clear since Friday: All ten regional cooperatives are in favor of ballots that will take place in spring 2022.

The ban on alcohol sales at Migros always comes more wavering.

Alcohol sales at Migros - now it's time for the big ballot

After the decision at the delegates' meeting at the beginning of November, the cooperatives have now voted on whether there should be a vote.

Alcohol sales at Migros - now it's time for the big ballot

On Friday, the Migros Aare and Migros Zurich cooperatives also advocated voting on alcohol sales.

That's what

  • The statutes prohibit Migros from selling alcohol.

  • The assembly of delegates now wants to change these statutes and is allowing the ten cooperatives to vote on them.

  • All cooperatives have voted for a strike ballot to take place in spring 2022 should.

After the delegates' assembly approved the sale of alcohol in Migros branches at the beginning of November, the ten cooperatives will decide on the alcohol issue in December.

The cooperative council represents the interests of the cooperative members in the respective economic area vis-à-vis the administration and management and has between 30 and 65 members, depending on the cooperative. When voting, at least two thirds of the members present must agree. If this majority had not been achieved, no ballot would have been able to take place in the respective cooperative and the ban on the sale of alcohol would remain unchanged there. Before Friday, eight regional cooperatives had already voted for a ballot to take place in spring 2022.

Now the members decide

The decision of the two remaining regional cooperatives followed on Friday. Both the Migros Aare Cooperative, which has 537,656 members (Cooperative Council: 60 members), and the Migros Zurich Cooperative with its 334,878 members (Cooperative Council: 60 members) voted for a ballot.

According to Migros, this type of direct and democratic participation is unique. Now the nationwide 2.3 million members of the cooperative can be asked in basic votes on the alcohol issue.

Criticism and understanding of the Migros decision

In the run-up to the vote, the Blue Cross publicly addressed Migros: The abolition of the alcohol ban is a “betrayal of Migros' DNA”, as the organization said in a media release writes. The company is risking losing its good reputation as a socially responsible wholesaler. The decision also attracted criticism on social media.

Stefan Michel, marketing expert at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, showed understanding for the sale of alcohol. He described it as “out of date and completely out of date”. After all, Migros is already selling alcohol through Denner and Migrolino shops. For some time now, Migros has also been offering hundreds of types of beer, wine and spirits in the online shop.

This is the Migros timetable:

• November 6, 2021: The delegates' assembly will decide whether the ban on alcohol sales will be lifted.

• December 3, 2021: If at least two thirds of the delegates' assembly approve, the next step is for the administrations and cooperative councils of the ten regional Migros cooperatives to come together. You must also vote whether you agree to the lifting of the alcohol sales ban.

• June 4, 2022: A ballot will be held in those cooperatives in which at least two thirds of the members of the respective administration and at least two thirds of the respective cooperative council have approved. Then all members of the cooperative will vote on the ban.

• 2023: Only in the branches of regional cooperatives whose members were in favor of lifting the ban with a majority of two thirds of the votes, alcoholic Drinks come on the shelves. Depending on the result, regional differences are possible.

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