The new mutation of the corona virus is also causing alarms among the organizers of the alpine ski races. Because of the Omikron variant, the women's super G's in St. Moritz are now threatening to be canceled.

Lara Gut-Behrami's ride in the giant slalom in Kilington.

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  • The new virus variant Omikron is also causing a red alert in the ski circus.

  • The women's races in St. Moritz next week are now threatened with cancellation.

  • Swiss Ski should discuss the next steps with the organizers on Tuesday.

Due to heavy snowfall, had to go to the ski circus in Lake Louise and Kilington have already canceled some races, now more races are threatened. This time not because of bad weather conditions, but because of the new virus variant Omikron.

Canada has been on the BAG's quarantine list since Monday because of Omikron, which is particularly problematic for women in the Ski World Cup. Next weekend Lara Gut & amp; Co. for the speed start in Lake Louise. On December 11th and 12th there will be two Super-G's in St. Moritz, but how should the athletes be able to participate without having to be quarantined beforehand?

BAG currently does not grant any exceptions for sport

The Federal Office for Sport has not yet been able to provide relief for the ski stars in this regard. Baspo director Matthias Remund said on Monday afternoon: “There are currently no exceptions for sport in terms of entry and quarantine.” According to an article in the “Tages-Anzeiger”, the BAG is currently only to grant special regulations to diplomats.

In St. Moritz there are concerns about the implementation of the upcoming races and hopes that politics will give way. OK boss Martin Berthod hopes that the alpine skiers will benefit from the bubble concept. Considerations that the skiers could bypass the quarantine by traveling on a special flight from Canada to Switzerland still appear to be a rather unrealistic scenario. In addition to the drivers, the group of supervisors, officials and journalists would include a group of around 500 people.

Swiss Ski plans crisis meeting on Tuesday

The men were already on duty in Lake Louise last weekend. Here, too, the new virus variant dominated the topics of conversation. At first it was said that the onward journey of the ski entourage to Beaver Creek (USA) was at risk because ten people had tested positive. However, follow-up checks showed that only one test was positive.

The next few days will show how the situation for the organizers and the athletes will develop. In addition to the Federal Council's crisis meeting, Swiss Ski should also plan a conference call with the organizers on Tuesday to discuss how to proceed.

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