One of his Airpods Pro plugs exploded in the ear of a young man in Berlin while listening to music. Since then he has complained of tinnitus.

While listening to music, the headphones of a 20-year-old from Germany suddenly got unusually hot.

Airpod explodes in the ear of 20-year-olds

Then the young man heard a loud bang.

 Airpod explodes in the ear of 20-year-olds

He immediately removed the affected headphones and realized: it had exploded in his ear.

That's what it's all about

  • An airpod exploded in Germany.

  • At this point, the headphones were still in the wearer's ears.

  • He is now suffering from tinnitus.

  • Why the Airpod exploded is unclear.

Apple and Amazon are currently investigating an incident involving Airpods Pro wireless in-ear headphones. For example, one of the earplugs of a young man in Berlin is said to have exploded while listening to music. Since then, the 20-year-old has been complaining of tinnitus and is receiving medical treatment.

The incident is said to have occurred about a week ago. At first, the left Bluetooth plug of his two Airpods Pro would have warmed up noticeably, the Berliner explained to the IT magazine, after which he suddenly heard a “loud bang”. When he took the headphones out of his ear with a start, he found that they were showing signs of an explosion. The case was cracked open in places.

Real Airpod

According to, the exploded earplug should not be a fake. The latest Apple firmware was installed on the Berliner's Airpods Pro, which is usually not the case with fake goods. The serial number also speaks for an original. The magazine also has an Amazon invoice with an active, one-year guarantee period.

The case from Berlin was the first to become known in Germany, reports An investigation was initiated both at the manufacturer Apple and at Amazon, where the 20-year-old bought the Bluetooth earbuds.


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