Air Liquide invests in Bécancour

Air Liquide investit à Bécancour

BÉCANCOUR — Rare good news by the time that run in the industrial park of Bécancour, whereas Air Liquide has announced the construction of the largest electrolyzer PEM (polymer electrolyte Membrane) in the world, with a capacity of 20 megawatts (MW) for the production of hydrogen, low-carbon. A project that will allow the consolidation of 17 current jobs.

“It is sure that it’s going to be the creation of jobs at suppliers that are going to come and help with the construction of the plant, but eventually, that will mainly contribute to do is keep our jobs down there,” said a spokesman, David Asselin. “We will start construction as early as this year and is expected to finish in the course of the next year,” he said.

This investment, the extent of which has not been disclosed, enables the Group to reaffirm its commitment to the long-term in the markets of the hydrogen energy and its ambition to be a major player in the supply of hydrogen low-carbon.

By next year, Air Liquide will install, therefore, an electrolyzer 20 MW, increasing to 50 % the current capacity of its hydrogen plant located in Bécancour. This new electrolyzer PEM, equipped with the latest technology from Hydrogenics, will be the largest in the world and will help meet the increasing demand for hydrogen low-carbon.

The proximity of Bécancour with key industrial markets in Canada and the United States will contribute to ensuring the supply of hydrogen, low-carbon North America, whether for the uses of industry, or mobility.

“It is much an investment to support the energy transition that is underway. It has a great demand across the North America to have a hydrogen low-carbon. This is exactly what we will do with the hydro one Hydro-Quebec and the electrolyzer allows us to produce hydrogen that can be described completely green,” says Mr. Asselin.

This new production unit will reduce significantly the carbon footprint, compared to the process of hydrogen production traditional. The issuance of nearly $ 27 000 tonnes of CO2 per year – equivalent to the annual emissions of approximately 10,000 cars sedans – will be avoided.

“This investment will continue to ensure the supply of hydrogen low-carbon for the industrial markets and the mobility of Air Liquide in North America. It is in addition to the investment recently announced in the hydrogen for energy markets in the western United States. These investments are in line with the objectives of climate aiming to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities, to act with its customers for a sustainable industry and promote the emergence of a low-carbon society,” commented Michael J. Graff, deputy director general and director of Air Liquide ltd as well as president and Chief executive officer of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.

For the past 50 years, Air Liquide masters the entire supply chain of hydrogen, from production to storage, distribution and the development of applications for end users. The Group contributes by its expertise to the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy source, notably for the mobility.

To date, the Group has designed and installed more than 120 hydrogen stations in the world. The direction reminds us that hydrogen is a solution to address the challenge of clean transport and thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of the air.

Air Liquide is established in Canada since 1911 and employs more than 2500 employees and more than 200,000 customers and patients. This from one ocean to the other in the major industrial regions, Air Liquide Canada offers innovative solutions gases, equipment and services — to its customers in the sectors of aeronautics, automotive, agrifood, chemical, defence, energy, metallurgy, mining, metal fabrication and health care.

In Bécancour, the plant was commissioned in 1987 under the name of Hydrogenal before becoming Air Liquide in 2009.

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