The princess has been receiving treatment in a clinic for weeks. Now she was able to embrace her twins Jacques and Gabriella again after a long time.

Princess Charlène is said to have received visits from her loved ones several times over the festive season. She is currently in a clinic outside Monaco to be treated for psychological and physical problems.

 Charl & egrave; ne sees her children again after five weeks in the clinic

In a statement from the palace, Prince Albert previously announced that he and the children would visit the 43-year-old.

 After five weeks in the clinic, Charl & egrave; ne sees her children again

In a statement from the palace, Prince Albert previously announced that he and the children would visit the 43-year-old.

This is what it is about

  • Princess Charlène is still being treated for physical and psychological problems.

  • Prince Albert (63) announced in a message that he and the children would visit the 43-year-old over Christmas.

  • According to the magazine “Bunte”, the family should actually do so several times have come together.

  • We ate, sang and prayed together. According to the report, they also had family therapy.

  • Although she is better, the Monegasque should stay in the luxury clinic.

The royal family has waited a long time for this moment: one day before Christmas Eve, the twins Jacques and Gabriella (7) were able to embrace Mama Charlène again. As the German magazine “Bunte” reports, the kids and their dad Albert (36) went to Charlène's clinic for the first time in five weeks.

The doctors of the 43-year-old are said to have given her the green light to visit her family – with that, her greatest Christmas wish came true. According to the report, the twins are said to have brought their mother's own pictures with them. They should have eaten, played, sung and prayed together. But after only four hours, the visiting hours ran out and Charlène had to let go of her children with a heavy heart. Albert already announced in a statement that he would visit his wife with the children again.

Your loved ones are part of the therapy

Since Jacques, Gabriella and Albert are an important part of their treatment, the three are said to have stopped by Charlène again on January 2nd. At the last visit, they were even part of the treatment: In family therapy, they are said to have questioned Charlène's role in the family and discussed her place. They looked to see what had to change in their environment so that they could recover and stay healthy in the long term.

A penthouse of several hundred square meters with a view of the lake, a Bentley including chauffeur, private chef and all-round service – this is what the luxury Paracelsus Recovery clinic in Zurich offers.

After her return from South Africa in November, the princess had herself admitted to a Nobel clinic in Switzerland. While it was previously assumed that she would be staying at the Paracelsus Recovery Clinic in Zurich, the magazine now reports a sighting in an Alpine clinic. Albert said in an interview with the US magazine “People” that his wife was suffering from exhaustion. Her illness is not just physical. At the beginning of therapy, Charlène was not allowed to receive any visitors. The focus of her treatment was on recovering and regaining strength. Although she is on the mend, she should seek treatment for a while longer.

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