On Monday there was a break-in in a restaurant in Ebnat-Kappel SG. The St. Gallen canton police were informed by emergency call and moved out with a police dog. He was then able to track down the burglar.

The police dog Ari tracked down a fugitive burglar in Ebnat-Kappel SG on Monday.

After Break-in into restaurant - police dog tracks down door

It is his first big success as a police dog. He only started work in October of this year.

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  • On Monday there was a break-in in a restaurant in Ebnat-Kappel SG.

  • Thanks to the police dog Ari, the fugitive could be located and arrested.

  • Ari has only been on duty since October of this year and has now been able to do his first Great success.

  • The perpetrator was already recorded in the criminal record and written out to be wanted.

On Monday lunchtime, the St. Gallen canton police received the emergency call that a restaurant on Kapplerstrasse in Ebnat-Kappel SG had been broken into, as they wrote in a message. After the break-in, the perpetrator holed up in the demolished building opposite. This was then surrounded by the deployed patrols.

Police dog Ari was also part of the party. When the police officers surrounded the building, Ari was able to locate the 43-year-old burglar in the attic. The accused was then arrested there.

«It was a good catch»

Ari has not been used as a police dog long. «Ari is a Malinois dog and was born in April 2019. In October of this year he passed his field test, which means that his protection dog training is now complete, ”says Florian Schneider, media spokesman for the St. Gallen cantonal police, when asked.

Normally, dogs are first trained to become guard dogs, followed later by additional training to become a sniffer dog, which, depending on the dog, contains different substances, Schneider continues. At Ari, this training is still pending. His task as a guard dog is initially to track down perpetrators who are fleeing or hiding and to protect the emergency services, says Schneider.

And it was precisely that tracking down of perpetrators that Ari succeeded for the first time on Monday: “It was his first success as a police dog,” says Schneider. And no less: “The arrested perpetrator was already recorded in the criminal record and put out to be wanted. It was a good catch », Schneider continues.

Background of the crime still unknown

It is still unclear what the aim of the perpetrator is to gain access to the restaurant procured. “When he was arrested, no items could be seized that would suggest theft,” said Schneider. The decision to go to the demolished building across the street also seems strange. “In theory, he would have had time to escape before the police arrived,” says Schneider. And further: “He probably thought he could hide there.” But then he did the math without Ari, who could easily sniff him out in the attic of the house.

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