At a moped meeting, after arguments, a security guard and a moped driver collided. A moped driver is now apologizing on behalf of the moped community.

The video currently circulating on Tiktok shows an incident between a security guard and a youth on a moped.


  • At the moped and solex meet in the Ace Cafe Luzern, a youth was rammed by security from the moped.

  • The accounts of the security service and the moped driver differ .

  • A moped driver apologizes on behalf of the moped community.

An incident occurred at a moped meeting in Rothenburg on Easter Monday: at full speed there was a collision between a moped driver and the on-site security service. “The young person drove into me on purpose,” said the managing director of the responsible security company Markus S.* for 20 minutes. “The video does not show that the young person ignored my stop sign by hand.”

The affected moped driver (15) sees this differently. He had agreed to drive on the street with an employee of the security company and he had kept the way clear for him. “But the other then threw himself on me,” he says to “Pilatustoday”. He saw the stop sign, but was surprised by the reaction of the security.

On Monday, the Ace Cafe Lucerne invited to a Töffli and Solex meet. Around 2000 motor fans came with a good 1000 two-wheelers.

After collision – Töffli community apologizes to beating security

According to the organizer, there was a good mood and there was a lot going on.

After collision - Töffli community apologizes to Pügel-Security

There were also violent arguments between young people and the security.

The fact that the incident had occurred was not solely a fault of the security service , but also the fault of the motorbike drivers present. “We also provoked him,” says another moped driver to the portal. You pushed each other up. “It got out of hand. We motorcyclists apologize.»

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