At the end of October, over 250 rainbow trout were stolen from the Widen fish farm in Benken SG. Now suspects could be identified. Should these prove to be guilty, the fishing association will file a lawsuit for damages.

At the end of October the fishing club See und Gaster noticed the lack of over 250 rainbow trout.

After brazen fish-stealing - investigators identify suspects

The investigators were now able to identify suspects. The prosecution is now responsible for the case.

After brazen fish-stealing - investigators identify suspects

This after the host of a fish restaurant had contacted Christian Rudel, the president of the fishing association.

That's what

  • At the end of October, the fishing association See and Gaster stole over 250 rainbow trout.

  • Now the investigators have been able to identify suspects.

  • This after rainbow trout were offered for sale to the host of a fish restaurant.

  • Should be If the suspects prove guilty, the association will bring an action for damages.

When the members of the See and Gaster fishing association were fishing the ponds of the Widen fish farm in Benken SG at the end of October, they discovered that over 250 rainbow trout were missing. A technical defect could be ruled out – so it was clear that the fish had been stolen.

The responsible investigators have now succeeded in identifying suspects, as reported by the Linth newspaper. This after the suspects offered large quantities of rainbow trout to the host of a fish restaurant. They made two mistakes when selling them: on the one hand, grass stuck to the fish, on the other hand, the suspects stated that the rainbow trout came from Lake Zurich. As the host knew, there are no rainbow trout there.

Advertisement and possible action for damages

The landlord contacted Christian Rudel after the sale. “I asked him if I could give him as a witness to the police, which he answered in the affirmative,” says Rudel when asked by 20 minutes. The association then decided to file a criminal complaint. Initially, no complaint was filed because it was not expected to be able to compensate for the damage of around 3,500 francs.

This has changed with the identification of suspects. The case is now the responsibility of the public prosecutor, as reported by the St. Gallen canton police. «We can confirm that there are currently suspects. In order not to jeopardize the criminal proceedings, however, we cannot provide any further information at this point in time, ”said Leo-Philippe Menzel, the public prosecutor's media officer, to the“ Linth-Zeitung ”. Therefore, so far it is only known that a cell phone number existed that the suspects had used to submit their offer to sell to the landlord.

If the suspects should prove guilty, the association will file a lawsuit for damages. «We now hope that the suspects are really guilty and will be convicted. On the one hand to cover the damage caused and on the other hand to show people that fish theft is taken seriously and has consequences, ”says Rudel. The president of the See und Gaster fishing association is confident: “The fact that the case is now with the public prosecutor's office is an indication that the suspects could be guilty,” said Rudel.

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